Love Or Sin ( Part : 33 Everything Will Be Fine)


Next morning

Nandini woke up in the morning and found Manik , standing in front of mirror in black coat suit. He was wearing the watch around his wrist. It was seemed like he was getting ready to go somewhere. Nandini got up from the bed after removing the duvet and walked toward him.

“Good morning, Manik.” She said hugging him from behind. Manik closed his eyes to feel her touch. Her touch brought a huge smile on his face.

“Good morning , my star.” He wished her back and kissed her hand before turning toward her. Both looked at each other having smile on their face.

“Are you going somewhere?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

“I have a urgent meeting in the office and I have to go.” He spoke looking down and she immediately understood that he was lying.

“You can’t lie to me , Manik. Tell me where are you going?” She asked making him look at her after cupping his face. Manik was taken aback thinking that how she caught his lie.

“I am going to talk to Mukti and Cabir.” He sighed and told her the truth.

“I will also go with you. You said that we will fight it together.” She said entwining her one hand with him and her eyes were looking at him.

This was the only reason that he lied to her before, he didn’t want her to go with him. He didn’t want his star to bear their anger. She was not any a condition to handle them.

“Star , You need rest and you can’t take stress. I promise you , I will handle them.” He assured her putting his one hand on her face and he squeezed her other hand which she had entwined with him.

“I know , you will handle them , Manik. But this fight is both of us and I don’t want you to fight alone. I want to be with you in all this.”

“I can understand you but now for me , your health is more important. You are not going with me because you need rest.” He took her toward bed holding her hand. Nandini didn’t fight with him.

“Okay baba.. I will take rest but first let me get fresh. Can I go to washroom ?” She asked pointing her hand toward washroom when he was laying her down on bed. He smiled and nodded his head. She chuckled getting up from bed.

“Give me 10 minutes, I am just coming.” She spoke before going to washroom. He smiled in response.


Manan were sitting on dining table and they were having breakfast.

“I just hope they will understand. Tomorrow Shivansh is also coming back. I am so worried.” She spoke worriedly looking straight.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine , Nandini.” He spoke putting his hand on her hand which was kept on the table. He squeezed her hand slightly to assure her that everything will be fine. She looked at him and smiled faintly. He smiled back and then he fed her the oats with his hand.


“I really wanted to go with you.” Nandini spoke when Manik was covering her with the blanket.

“It’s okay. You just take care of yourself. I will be back in few hours.” He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes.

“Manik , I forgot to ask about Rahul. Has he been caught ?” She asked holding Manik’s arm and her eyes were filled with fear.

“Not yet but you don’t worry , my house is fully secured. If you are afraid then I won’t go.” Manik spoke putting hand on her face and blinked his eyes.

“I am fine now , Manik. You go and all the best.” She said after kissing his forehead.

“I love you my star.” He confessed touching his face with her.

“I love you more , Manik.” She confessed back and they closed their eyes. They both got lost in each other for few minutes.

Then Manik left after instructing Sujata to take care of Nandini and to give her medicine after one hour. He didn’t want to go leaving her alone but it was important. He was having no other option.


Manik was twiddling his thumbs and stamping his feet sitting in the hall nervously. His eyes were looking at the floor and he was waiting for Cabir. A maid had went upstairs to call him.

“Sir asked you to go because he doesn’t want to meet you.” Manik stopped stamping his feet and closed his eyes dejectedly listening the words of maid. He was hurt because his close friend didn’t want to meet him. He wanted him to listen him for once.

Manik sighed sadly and he stood up from sofa nodding his head at maid.

“Manik , wait.” He was walking toward the door but got stopped immediately listening the voice of Mukti from behind. He instantly turned around.

“Come with me in my room.” She spoke and he nodded his head in response. She started walking toward her room and he went behind her.


“Thank you so much for giving me one chance to explain my side story.” Manik hugged her tightly as they reached inside her room. Mukti didn’t hug him back because she was disappointed from him.

“Just a one chance.” Manik broke the hug and Mukti said in stern tone. Manik nodded his head looking at her.

“Mukti , do you really think that I will hurt Shivansh intentionally ?” Manik took a deep breath and asked from her.

“No..”she spoke while nodding her head and Manik sighed with relief.

“That’s the only reason , I am giving you a chance to explain. Because I know how much important Shivansh is for you.” She added.

“Mukti, Nandini doesn’t love Shivansh and she never did. She didn’t tell him the truth because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. She was thinking that one day she will love him but that day never came but she started falling for me. Shivansh is just a good friend for her and nothing else…” Manik finally started telling the inside story to Mukti. First he wanted to prove Nandini innocent because Mukti was thinking wrong about his star.

“But then why she married Shivansh ?” Mukti asked cutting Manik’s words in the middle.

“ Because her family was forcing her for the marriage and she was having no reason to say no to Shivansh for marriage because he was perfect. Nandini thought that one day , she will fall in love with him.” Manik tried to explain her in best way.

“This is what , Nandini has told you , right?” Mukti asked and Manik nodded his head.

“She lied to you. She was so happy with Shivansh, I saw her. I never felt like she was not happy with him. Open your eyes , Manik and see , she has trapped you in her fake love. She is playing with both of your heart..” Mukti again started making him angry. How could she blame his star ?

“Mukti , do you trust me ?” Manik asked suddenly making her quiet.

“I trust you Manik and that’s why I am here with you.”

“Then believe me , Nandini is not that type of girl. I will explain you everything.” Manik said holding her arms.

“If you have come here to justify Nandini only , then I am sorry, I don’t want to listen anything, you can just leave. Mukti spoke angrily removing his hands from her arms. Manik was shocked to see her reaction. She was hating Nandini so much.

Will Mukti understand Manik ?

Love Mehak

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26 thoughts on “Love Or Sin ( Part : 33 Everything Will Be Fine)

  1. At once I really feel bad for manik Cabir ne manik ko ignore kiya… Mukti ko kya prblm hai vo kyu nai smjhna chahti 🙄🙄 Hope so mukti will understand him 🙄😟

  2. Ufff yaaar you wanted to give him a chance then why can’t you hear him out completely arey let him finish talking na why should you come to a conclusion without hearing him completely 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Mujhe un sare logo oe bht gusaa aati hai jo pura baat na sun k hi tamasha create karte hai.. 😒😒😒 Ye mukti wahi kaar rhi hai.. Manik ka baat to sun leti pehle.. 🙄🙄 Huhh!!
    Nice 1 but too short.. 😁

  4. Seriously.. are they Manik’s friends? If the are… then why don’t they understand Manik.
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  5. Awesome chapter . But cabir i didn’t thought of him like that . He was the soul bro of manik .but he should giv one chance then if he feel it’s nt possible then don’t support manik . But i m feeling bad for shivansh too . But if u don’t the person whom u married then it just. Turn into compromise for life . Why not leave that relation and move on before it start to become toxic

  6. I understand but why don’t we point out boys mistake even being girl first finger we raise at is the girl but not at guy

  7. Awesome update di…
    Loved the way manim care for nandini he knows coming with will make her streefull so he convinced her .and nandini nee easily understand him …
    They both are love .but mukti is blaming nandini only bcoz she is a girl this is our society .they can also say that manik trapped nandhini but no they will always point there finger in a girl .
    And i think explain them is waste of time .i know they are acting according to their situation but now explaining them was not gonna do anything good.
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