Love Story (Part : 35 Holi Special)


Muskan was applying colour on her father face in the morning. He was sleeping and she was standing beside the bed. She was applying the colour and giggling cutely. Zoya was standing with the plate of colour beside her. She was trying to control his laugh seeing her husband colourful face. Muskan laughed putting hand on her mouth looking toward Zoya. Zoya showed thumbs up while grinning.

Adi woke up listening their giggles. He got mesmerised seeing his beautiful wife in while saree.

“Good morning my beautiful princess and my beautiful queen.” He said sitting up on the bed completely unaware about the condition of his face. Muskan and Zoya laughed putting hand on their mouth looking toward Adi. He looked toward them suspiciously.

“Daddy chalo na holi ki peli selfie lete hai.” She said sitting beside his father. Adi smiled and took his daughter in his arms. Zoya smiled looking at them.

“Mumma daddy ko phone dedo.” She asked her mumma and winked blinking her both eyes. Zoya pressing her lips together controlled her laugh. Then she gave the phone to Aditya after picking it from the side table. He passed the smile to her wife taking the phone.

“Aaa..” Adi shouted shockingly seeing his face in the camera and the phone slipped down from his hand. He got shocked because he wasn’t expecting this. Muskan and Zoya bursted into laughter. Adi first looked toward Zoya then toward her daughter. Then he got up and with in a second he threw the colour from the plate on Zoya after snatching it from her hand. Now Zoya was looking toward Adi shockingly. Muskan started jumping on the bed clapping her hands saying “bula na mano holi hai..” They laughed and He took Zoya in a side hug.


The garden of Malhotra Mansion was decorated for Holi party. Everyone were applying colour on each other. Running after each other with colour in their hands. Manik was sitting in the corner waiting for Nandini.He was hiding from his siblings and specially from Muskan because he wanted that first Nandini should apply colour on his face. And he also wanted to apply colour on her face before anyone else. His eyes were focused on the main entrance. A broad smile spread across his face when his eyes saw her walking inside the party hall. He stood up from the chair staring her. She was looking angel in white full sleeves crop top and white long skirt. Her hair were tied up in messy bun. He got mesmerised with her beauty. She always took his heart away from him with her looks. He got lost in her completely forgetting about everything. Everyone got disappeared from her sight. His eyes were only seeing his angel.

He came on the earth back listening the shout of someone from the surroundings. He saw his parents were walking toward Nandini to welcome her and his father with plate of colour. Manik immediately ran toward them like he was running to save his life. First he wanted to apply the colour on her face and he could do anything for it.

“Hello Uncle. Happy Holi.” He greeted Uncle reaching there before his parent. Then he looked toward Nandini who was smiling looking at him. Giving shock to Nandini he held her hand. Nandini looked toward him confusingly and like always his touch started making her crazy.

“Uncle I need to tell her something very important. Can I take her with me ?”He took permission from his father like a gentle man.

“She is all yours Manik” Ram said and smiled. Manik smiled back in response then looked toward Nandini who was still looking at him confusingly and trying to not get lost in his touch.

“Go with Manik” Ram said patting her back. Nandini smiled and nodded her head looking at her father. Then she looked toward Manik. He gave her smile and took her with him. Then only Raj and Neyonika reached there.


Manik took Nandini with him to the place where nobody was presented. While taking her here , he also took the colour in his one hand.

“So it’s time to colour you in my colour my angel. Are you ready ?” He asked raising his eyebrows. She nodded shyly looking down. The way her eyelashes moved down , he loved it. He smiled looking at her. She looked toward him. He started going behind her. He pulled her toward himself, grasping her waist. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath when his hand touched her bare waist like she got her breath back after ages. For the first time his hand was touching her bare waist. She felt like her each and every dead cell of body became alive with his touch. She also felt like he touched her soul by touching her body. She never felt like this before. The feeling was divine , can’t be described in words.

“You are looking so beautiful angel” he said coming close to her ear from behind. She smiled listening to his compliment , still her eyes were closed. Listening the compliment from him was delightful for her.

“but I am sorry because today I am going to spoil you in my colour” He apologised and then Nandini’s next words completely unexpected for him.

“You can never spoil me with your colour. Rather My body will start glowing with the colour of your love.” She spoke what her heart was saying to her at that time. It was the effect of his touch. She got completely lost in his touch. Manik smiled listening her words. He wasn’t able to believe that she was the same girl who was running away from him and her feelings few days back. He was feeling like he was dreaming. And if it was really his dream then he never wanted to wake up.

” Happy Holi angel.” He whispered in her ear while his hands applied the read colour on her cheek. His touch was making her crazy. The way his hand applied the colour on her both cheeks , she wanted him to keep applying the colour on her face. She was feeling good to be touched by him. It was so good to feel alive after so many years. His touch was making her dead feelings and dead soul alive slowly slowly with time. He took her in heaven with his touch.

He pulled away from her and walked in front of her. Nandini was looking down shyly.

“You look so adorable when you shyly look down but I want you to look at me now.” He said  pulling her face upward by holding her chin with his thumb and index finger. Now She was looking into his black eyes.

“So now how you will apply the colour on my face. You don’t have colours.” He asked raising his eyebrows. She looked toward him confusingly first. Then she smirked after few seconds when a idea came in her mind. Manik  was shocked because his angel was smirking. He was confused also that what was going in her mind.

Nandini first stood on her toes and then started coming close to him holding the collar of his while Kurta. He was goggling at her in total disbelief because for the first time she was coming close to him. Nandini was giving shock after shock to him. First she gave shock to him with her unexpected words and now this. It was Manik’s shocking day. Then she touched her cheek with his cheek. Both closed their eyes in response and took a deep breath. They found so much peace and felt so good. She moved forward still her cheek was touched with his cheek and in this way , she applied the colour on his both cheeks. She stood on her feet moving face away from him. He was still looking at her unbelievably.

“I have my own ways Mr. Malhotra.” She said and turned to leave after winking at him. This made him more shocked because she was behaving completely different after the engagement night. But he was loving her more. The walls which she had formed around her from so many years , she finally broke them on the engagement day with the decision of trying to move on. Now the real Nandini was coming out slowly slowly. Manik was happiest to meet the real Nandini. The Nandini who listened to her heart and who didn’t keep the things in her heart.


“Chachi..” Muskan shouted seeing Nandini who was coming toward her having colour in her hand. Muskan was looking super cute in suit. The water gun was hanging on her shoulder. In one hand she was holding one balloon and she was having colour in her other hand. Nandini kneeled down in front of her.

Muskan’s Outfit

“Happy Holi Musu.” Nandini said applying the colour on her face having smile on her face. Then Muskan applied colour on Nandini’s face. She laugh cutely breaking the balloon on her head. Nandini closed her eyes in response. At the end Muskan took the water gun in her hand which was hanging behind her. She splashed the water on her from her water gun and shouted ” Happy Holi Chachi.”

Nandini took the little Muskan in her arms. Nobody could resist Muskan’s cuteness.

On the other hand Manik’s big brother Aditya dragged her beautiful and gorgeous wife in the outhouse to play holi with her in private. Already the colours were kept in the plate there. He was standing behind Zoya and applying the colours on her belly from behind. Zoya was standing completely lost in him closing her eyes. The way he was colouring her in the colour of his love , the feelings can’t be described in words. He put her long hair on one side and applied the colour on her back. Zoya clutched the pallu of her saree tightly in response. Then his both hands slowly reached from her elbow to her shoulder while applying the colour. Then he turned her toward himself. He pulled her toward himself wrapping his one hand around her waist. They both stared into each other eyes.

“Happy Holi Meri jaan..” He said applying the colour on her face from his other hand. She closed her eyes in response of his touch. He grinned seeing the effect of his touch.


“Chachu apne mumma daddy ko khi dekha.. Pata ni dono ka chalegye. Musu une kabse dundh lhi hai.” Muskan asked from Cabir while her eyes were still finding her parents in the crowd.

“Muskan I have seen them going there. You go and call them.” Cabir smiled and replied pointing her finger toward the outhouse. Muskan grinned and ran from there.

“How could I let my bhai and bhabhi do romance on holi. Today is holi and they should play holi keeping romance on the side.” He said and laughed like he was a villain of their life.

Then his eyes fell on Manan who were busy talking to each other. He looked toward them like he was planning something do with them in his mind.


Zoya and Adi were lying on the floor. Zoya was on the top of Adi. She broke all the button of his shirt like a wild cat and started applying colour on his hot body. Now Adi got lost in her touch. Then their romance got disturbed by their daughter.

“Mumma daddy.. kya aap dono andal ho..” She asked knocking the door. Adi and Zoya made faces looking toward the door.

“Zoya our daughter is the villain of our Romance. How she came to know that we are here ?” Adi asked from Zoya. She shrugged her shoulder after getting up. They didn’t know that the real villain of their romance was Cabir. Zoya was setting her saree pallu while Adi got up making sad faces. She chuckled seeing his cute face expression. Then they both went to open the door.

“Mumma Daddy aap dono yaha ka kal lhai thai akele akele ?” Muskan asked from them putting hand on her waist as Zoya opened the door. They both looked at each other having no answer of her question.

“Chlo ab mujhe aap dono ko khub sara colour lagna hai..” she dragged them outside holding their hand. Poor Adiya unwillingly went with their daughter leaving their private holi romance in the middle.


“Manik this is nothing in front of the holi which I used to play in my childhood. Itni buri wali holi khele thai na mein tumhai kya batau.  Koe kisko recognise hi nhi kar pata tha. Ek dam kale bhoot ban jate sabh.” She was telling Manik having smile on her face. The flashes of childhood was coming in her mind. Manik just got lost in her. But he got scared also listening about the holi she used to play in childhood.

“Happy Holi..” Cabir shouted throwing the water mixed with colour on them from behind making Manan shocked. Cabir came in front of them grinning. Manik glared him moving his hair behind. Nandini laughed looking toward Cabir. When he heard her laugh , he looked toward her and his all anger vanished away in the air seeing her laughing. There was so much peace in her laugh.

“Is somebody here used to hate holi ?” Cabir asked raising his eyebrows. Manik immediately looked toward him. He asked him to be quiet in gesture while Nandini was looking at Cabir confusingly.

“Nandini don’t you know ? Manik hates holi. He had never attended the holi party until today. I am shocked to see him here.” Cabir said and smirked. Manik closed his eyes. Nandini looked toward Manik for explanation. Manik smiled showing her teeth to Nandini after opening his eyes. Cabir left from there after completing his work.

“Manik you played holi because of me today ?” She asked in low voice unbelievably looking at him. Manik nodded her head looking down . Nandini was looking at him having a content smile on her face. The person who hated holi , he didn’t even make her realise that he was playing holi for her. She was surprised. He never failed to astonish her with his love.

“You were so excited to play holi with me and I didn’t want to make you upset by telling you that I hate holi. I love everything which you love Nandini. Everything is beautiful with you. From now I don’t hate holi , I love holi.” He said putting hand on her face looking into her eyes. She smiled silently looking at him. His goodness always made her speechless.


Malhotra’s brother jumped inside the swimming pool wrapping their hands around each other neck. Manik was in the middle. They threw their shirts in swimming pool after removing it. Zoya , Nandini and Mukti , they all were laughing seeing them standing beside the swimming pool. Then the boys suddenly pulled the girls into swimming pool holding their hand. Manik pulled Nandini , Aditya pulled Zoya and Cabir pulled her sister Mukti. Mukti gave angry looks to Cabir. Adi and Zoya got lost looking into each other eyes. Nandini was looking at him shockingly. She was not able resist his hot body. He smirked coming close to her and tugged her hair behind her ear.   Nandini shyly looked down  then again toward him having  smile on her face. She took his heart away from him with her winsome smile.

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