Love Story (Part : 41 A Girl In Pain)


A girl was sitting under the shower. She was crying in agony, hugging her knees close to her heart. She was shivering because of the cold shower but it wasn’t affecting her. Because the pain of her internal wounds , it was much more than this. The girl was Nandini. The girl who had been betrayed by the person whom she had loved truly. After so many years , she started healing. She felt like she would live happily again. Slowly slowly the memories of the betrayal were started vanishing but again something happened and it brought back all the flashes of her past. The past which had thrown her into the darkness where there was no hope of a ray light even.

She thought that Manik loved her. He never said but still his behaviour and his gestures were showing her that he loved her. But when she heard those words from his mouth that he didn’t love her. It shattered her already broken her heart completely. His words were echoing in her ear again and again. The hurtful words spoken by her first love were also echoing in her ear. Her heart was aching badly. She was feeling like she was some kind of toy to play.

On the other side Manik who was having no clue about what Nandini had heard , he messaged her ‘hi angel’ with a smiley emoji. He was lying on the bed on his stomach , having smile on his face. He was the happiest soul. He was getting excited like a small kid gets excited for their new toys. Poor soul was having no idea about the mess which his phone conversation had created. He was having no clue that his angel was in pain and she needed him.


“Wow Mumma.. daddy..  kita beautiful loom hai.” Adiya were lying on bed and Muskan was  jumping on the bed in between them. They both were smiling , looking at their princess. They were happy because their princess was happy.

“Daddy Ka app mele liya aisa loom banaoge ghal pal bhi. Kuki Musu ko yeh loom bhut jada pasand aya.” She sat on her daddy’s tummy and asked cutely , playing with his shirt’s button.

“Off course my Princess , why not ? My little princess your daddy is here to fulfill your every wishes.” Adi said , holding her face. Muskan was grinning happily. Zoya shook her head because his husband was spoiling their daughter by fulfilling her every wish from small to big.

“I love you daddy. Aap bhut achai hai. Mele pyale papa..” Muskan said cutely and laid down on him , putting her head on his chest. Adi encircled his daughter in his arms and pecked her hair lovingly . Zoya was now smiling , seeing them. Adi mouthed thank you looking at her for giving the beautiful and precious gift who was Muskan. Zoya raised her eyebrows not understanding that why he thanked her. He pointed his eyes toward their daughter. Zoya thanked him back in same way because it was impossible to give birth to Muskan without him.


Manik was knocking Nandini’s room door from few minutes and when he didn’t get any answer, he walked inside , opening the door. His eyes searched her in whole room but he found her nowhere. Then he heard the voice falling of water from the shower.

“Oh.. she is taking a shower.” He said and turned around to leave but got froze when he heard her wail of anguish from the bathroom. He turned around and immediately ran toward the bathroom.

“Angel , Is.. Is everything fine ? Are you Okay ?” Manik asked , knocking the door. He got hell worried for her. He wanted to hear the words from her mouth that she is fine but he got no answer. Instead he heard her cries only. Manik heart was beating rapidly. He was not understanding that what he should do.

“Angel.. What happened? Please talk to me.” He requested after composing himself while his hands were constantly knocking the door. He was becoming restless and crazy , listening her continuous cries.

He took a deep breath , closing his eyes and holding the knob of the door. Then he opened the door slowly after opening his eyes. His heart stopped beating for a moment when he saw her condition and automatically few tears rolled down from his eyes ,  making his cheeks wet. He never wanted to see her in this condition. She was lying down under the shower and crying in agony, cuddling herself into a small ball. He walked toward her with his shivering legs. He pressed his lips to control his cries which was getting difficult. She was so lost in her pain that she didn’t know somebody was there with her in the bathroom. He turned off the shower. He look at her and saw that She didn’t react. She was lying on floor like a lifeless soul. He closed his eyes in agony and few more tears fell down from his eyes.

“Angel..” he bent down toward her and called her , putting his hand on her shoulder. She sat up with a jerk and looked toward him , having pain and hatred in her eyes. Manik was looking at her like next moment he would also start crying. He could see that his angel was in extreme pain.

“Don’t.. Don’t touch me..” she shouted loudly, jerking his hand away from her when he forwarded his hand to touch her face. Manik was taken a back , seeing her behaviour.

“What do you want ? Why are you marrying me ?” She shouted angrily while tears were still falling down from her eyes. Manik was just looking at her shockingly. He was not understanding that why she was asking this.

“You.. you know the reason Angel.” He spoke in low voice , looking at her confusingly.

“That you love me.” She said and chuckled.

“I thought that.. that you really love me. Somebody is there who.. who truly loves me. I was happy.” She said while crying. Manik felt like crying out loud , seeing her condition. He was looking at her like he was saying to her through his eyes that he is there to love her.

“But I was so wrong.” She said disappointedly and sobbed.

“I forgot that in my fate , only pain , sadness and betrayal are written. Love is not written in my destiny.” She said while crying badly and Manik was constantly nodding his head in no. He was really not understanding that why she was behaving like this.

“Angel.. you are thinking wrong. Please tell me what happened? Mujhe batao Angel.. I need to know that why are you questioning my love. I know that you still don’t trust me but suddenly behaving like this when everything was going fine , it is not normal. Tell me..” he asked going crazy while she was just crying , looking at him. Again those words rang in her mind and made her angry.

“No.. you tell me ? Why are you marrying me , Manik ? I want to know the truth. What’s your real motive behind your fake love ?” She asked  looking at him , having hatred in her eyes. Manik closed his eyes dejectedly when she called his love as fake.

“What are you getting  by doing all this with the girl like me who is already broken ? What are you getting by breaking me more ? Why are you doing this with me ? Kyu…” she asked and cried, resting her head on his chest. Manik clenched his fist to control his emotions. Her words were hurting him but more than that her condition was hurting him.

“I can’t bear more heartbreaks. I am tired. I will die..” she said in between her cries. Her last word was enough to make him crazy. She was having no idea that he would also die if something would happen to his angel.

“No.. no more word. I will never let anything happen to you. ” he said , pulling her away from him by holding her arms.

“You don’t want to believe me, don’t believe. But I will never stop trying to get you and fill your life with happiness. My only motive of life is to bring happiness in your life.” He said , pulling her toward himself, clutching her arms. His words were clearly showing that what she was for him. Nandini was looking at him unbelievably. Now She was confused that she should believe him or she should believe on what she had heard. Because her heart could see that how much he loved her.

“Manik.. I used to think that eyes never lie. Eyes are the window to soul. But it’s a big lie. In his eyes , I saw true love and In your eyes also I saw true love. But both of the time , I saw wrong.” She said disappointedly . She was crying continuously. Manik again nodded his head. He was really not understanding that how to make her believe that he wasn’t lying.

“Please I beg you  to tell me why you started  doubting me suddenly ? What’s my fault ? Your Culprit wants to know his crime ?” He begged her to tell the truth , pulling her more closer to himself. She was just crying , thinking about those words. It was hurting her. She also wanted answers.

“I heard you saying that you are just marrying me because you love somebody else and you don’t love me.” Finally she spit out that why she was doubting him and blaming him. Manik left her hands in a shock.

“Now you tell me , whom do you love and why you are marrying me ? Why are you using me ? What are you getting?” She asked holding Manik’s shirt collars and looking at him having pain in her eyes. He was looking at her like he was having no idea that what she was talking about.

“Angel.. there is no other girl except you in my life. You are the first girl who made me feel like life can be more beautiful with the life partner. You are the first girl , who attracted me. You are the girl , for whom I can do anything. Even I can die for you. Loving a another girl is impossible for me.” He said , holding her face and tried his best to make her believe that he only loved her. She was shocked to see that why he was still not accepting the truth and why she was feeling like whatever he was saying , it was not a lie.

“Then to whom you were talking on phone and saying that you don’t love me , you love her and you are marrying me just for her ?” She asked and heart was beating fast. Now she was sure that she misunderstood him. She wanted to be proved right this time because she needed him in his life badly. Because Only he was the person who could bring back happiness in her life.

Manik thought for a moment then something clicked his mind.

“Oh shit.. , you would not able to believe me that who was the person , to whom I was talking at that moment ?” He said and he was feeling relief now. Nandini was looking at him confusingly.

“I was talking to your father , Angel. I never thought that my small joke would create a big problem.” Manik finally told  her that to whom he was talking. He shook his head unbelievably. Nandini was completely shocked after listening this. She was looking at him with wide open eyes. She never thought that he would be saying those words to her father. Now the question was that why he said those words to her father.

To be continued in next update.

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