Love Story (Part : 39 Poor Adi)


Now Before starting  this story I want to clear one thing that Aman is the person who was following Nandini from the starting of the story who was her stalker. The person who betrayed Nandini that person is not yet introduced in the story. Hope I am clear to you all.

Nandini gently kissed his one eye , standing on her toes. Manik took a deep breath and his hands automatically clutched her waist with his closed eyes. She was taken aback when his hands came in contact with her waist. She looked down toward his hands and then toward Manik who was smiling and his eyes were still closed. He pulled her toward himself and their front collided with each other. She clutched his shirt tightly , looking at him. After admiring his adorable face , she kissed his other eye. When her soft lips kissed his eyes , he felt like rose petals touched his eyes. Her lips were soft like rose petals for him. Nandini took her face back after kissing her eyes and again admired him , having smile on her face. He was extraordinary beautiful from inside and outside both. Her heart knew about this but her mind was still doubtful.

“No.. the reward still didn’t get complete.” She shouted , covering his eyes with her hand immediately when he was about to open his eyes. He smiled and got excited to know that what more she had stored for him. He happily clutched her waist and she smiled , looking again down toward his hands. She looked toward him , having broad smile on her face.

“I am removing my hand. Don’t open your eyes , Okay.” She said before removing her hand from his eyes. He nodded his head like a innocent kid in response. She removed her hand from his eyes slowly. Then she held his face with her both hands. She pulled his face slightly down and kissed his forehead , closing her eyes. Manik felt so good when her lips touched his forehead. She took him in heaven with her small kiss only. This forehead kiss was not only a kiss. With this kiss , Nandini promised Manik that she would never hide anything from him and would try to trust him.

“You can now open your eyes , Manik.” She spoke , moving her face back. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled broadly, seeing her beautiful face. Both looked into each other eyes , having so much love in their eyes. His hand held her face after leaving her waist.

“I was thinking that I helped you in cleaning your cupboard and now it’s your turn to help me in cleaning my cupboard.” He said and her eyes popped up in shock because she wasn’t expecting these words at that moment. He just wanted to spend more time with her and he didn’t find any better idea than this.

“Will you ?” He asked after a silence of few minutes.

“I don’t have any problem. I will help you.” She said getting ready to help him and he grinned like a cute baby because his plan worked.

“Give me five minutes . I need to get ready.” She said showing him her five fingers and then went toward the cupboard to take out her clothes. He was just staring his beautiful angel , having smile on his face. She closed the cupboard after taking out her cloth. After turning around , she glanced at him and went to washroom.


“Dadu..” Muskan came running toward her grandpa while crying badly. He was sitting in the hall. He got up worriedly , seeing his little granddaughter who was crying. He picked her up in his arms as she reached him.

“Dadu.. Mumma ne Musu ki toffee ko.. chin liya.”She complained about her mother to his grandpa , making him shocked that why Zoya would snatch the toffee from her.

“You surely have eaten lots of toffee , Right ?” He asked and she immediately nodded her head negatively , rubbing her eyes cutely with her tiny knuckles.

“No Dadu , Musu ne ek.. ek bi ni khae. Daddy ne pillow te niche lakhi thi musu te liye. Pal mumma boli voh.. voh unki toffee hai. Dadu aap hi batao , ai… aisa koe karta hai apni itni pyaali beti sath.” She told everything to her grandpa in her cute language. He took only few seconds to understand that which toffee Muskan was talking about.

“Musu, that toffee will be of your mumma only. Or else why would your mumma snatch toffee from you. Stop crying ,Bacha.” Raj tried to explain her , wiping her tears with his hand. Muskan gave him angry glare and made a angry pout because her grandpa was also taking side of her mumma.

“Put me down.. , Put me down..” she started yelling moving her hands and legs angrily. Raj immediately put her down , getting shocked with her acts.

“Sab bule hai. Mein ab silf apni daddy se bat kalungi aul apni toffee vapis lungi..” she said not knowing that she would never get that toffee because the thing which she was calling toffee, it was not toffee. It was condom. She ran from there while Raj called her from behind but she didn’t listen to him.


Nandini opened his cupboard and turning around , she stared at Manik because his cupboard was cleaned up neatly. He was smiling , looking at her.

“Will you tell me that how to clean this untidy cupboard?” She asked sarcastically, raising her eyebrows and wrapping her hands around her chest. He smiled adorably , showing his all teeth to her.

“Actually, Cleaning the cupboard was only the excuse. The truth was that I wanted you to come here with me.” He told her the truth and she looked toward him , having smile on her face. She already knew about this.

“And why you wanted me to come here with you ?” She asked , raising her eyebrows. He smirked like something naughty was going in his mind.

“Because..” he said , walking close to her. She took few steps behind and collided with the cupboard. She was looking at him , having fear in her eyes like he was going to eat her up. He chuckled and caged her between his arms , by putting his hands on the both side of her shoulder. She stared at him , her breath became heavy and her heart start beating rapidly. He started coming close to her lips , having naughty smile on his face. She closed her eyes in response when his hot breath touched her lips. He inhaled the fragrance of her lips. Their urge of kissing each other lips increased.

“Because I wanted to spend time with you.” He said when their lips were just few inches away. He moved back and she opened her eyes , looking at him surprisingly. She was astounded because she was expecting him to kiss her. She had no idea that how badly he wanted to kiss her rosy lips from the very first day when he had seen her. But he didn’t want to proceed further until she doesn’t accept him completely. It was getting difficult for him to control his desire with each passing seconds. But he always controlled himself for the sake of his love.

They both were startled by the knock on the door. Manik last time glancing at her went to open the door. She went behind him after composing herself. Manik opened the door and found her mother standing outside of the room. She was smiling , looking at Manik and then she moved her eyes from him to Nandini who was standing beside Manik. Nandini greeted her and she smiled in response.

“Nandini you are already here. I just came here to ask Manik to call you. Because Today we will discuss about the wedding of you both. Nandini call your dad also.” Neyonika said and Nandini nodded her head in response. Manik was smiling thinking about their wedding. After wedding he wouldn’t have to find reason to spend time with her because she would be there with him twenty four hours.

Neyonika left and he was still looking straight, having smile on his face. Nandini looked toward him confusingly. She clicked her fingers in front of his eyes and he came on the earth back. He looked toward her and she raised her eyebrows. He shook his head and closed the door. Then they both settled down the sofa and started talking.


Zoya was trying to feed Muskan but she was sitting , making angry pout. She was just asking Zoya to give her toffee back.

“Musu.. stop it. It’s enough. You never listened to me. You haven’t eaten anything since morning and still you aren’t eating anything.” Zoya shouted on Muskan getting pissed off from her. Muskan started crying next moment , rubbing her eyes and Zoya huffed , putting hand on her forehead.

“Why are you shouting on my princess Zoya.” Then they both heard the voice of the person who was the sole reason of Zoya’s anger. They both looked toward toward him. He was walking toward them. Zoya got up from the bed , glaring at him angrily while Muskan cried more , looking at her father.

“What happened mere bacha ?” Adi asked picking Muskan in his arms after glancing Zoya. She walked out from the room angrily , leaving her confused husband and her crying daughter behind. Adi was having no idea what blunder he had done.

“Daddy Aap subha apne pillow te niche mele liye toffee lakha tha na ?” She sniffed and asked while Adi was wiping his Princess’s tears. For a second , Adi didn’t understand what she was talking about then he remembered about the last night when he took out the condom packet from the drawer and kept it under his pillow. His face became pale with in a second.

“Bolo na.. daddy. Aap kuch bol ku ni lahai.” She rubbed her nose which became red because of crying. Then she said holding her father face , bringing him back on the earth.

“Musu That wasn’t toffee.” He said and Muskan looked toward him confusingly.

“Yes that wasn’t toffee. That was the packet of ointment which I kept for your mother.” He said whatever came in his mind at that time. Muskan looked at him with O shape mouth like she got convinced with his words.

“Voh ointi..ment tha. Pal mumma ne muje batya hi nhi. Mein toh mumma se gussa hogya tha bhut. Mumma bhi na bata nhi sakti thi.” She said really getting convinced and Adi nodded his head , making sad face. Now he was thinking that how he would pacify his angry wife.


Adi walked inside the kitchen when Zoya was cutting the veggies and cursing her husband. Anger was clearly visible on her face. Few servants were also working in the kitchen. They all looked toward Adi when he walked into the kitchen. He asked them in gesture to go out. They immediately walked out of the kitchen. Zoya was so busy in cursing his husband that she didn’t even come to know when her husband walked inside and stood behind bee. She was startled as he held her waist from behind.

“Stay away from me..” she turned around immediately and shouted , pointing the knife toward him and her eyes were spitting fire. Adi looked toward the knife , having fear in his eyes.

“How could you be so careless Mr. Aditya Malhotra Hmm.. ?” She asked raising his eyebrows and swaying the knife in front of his eyes. Adi was moving his face back , getting scared from the knife.

“Jaan.. I am sorry. I promise , I will be very careful from the next time. Please forgive me and please put this knife down.” He apologised , looking at her and then pointed his finger toward the knife.

“You should be careful before also. Do you have any idea , If I wouldn’t have seen her with that so called toffee of her. She would be roaming in the whole house with that toffee ?” She roared angrily on him , throwing the knife. Adi palmed his mouth shockingly , seeing his wife anger. The she took a deep breath. Adi made puppy like face , looking at her.

“Sorry.. jaan. Will you not forgive your loving husband?” He asked , looking at her having hope in his eyes that she would forgive him. She averted her face to another side and wrapped her hands around her chest , showing her anger to him.

“No..” she shouted , turning her face toward him. She showed him her hand when he forwarded his hand to hold her face.

“No touching for one week and this is your punishment. If you will complete this punishment then only you will get my forgiveness.” She walked out of the kitchen, saying this. Adi was standing there shockingly. She gave him the punishment which was like impossible for him to complete. Then he started crying like a baby cursing himself for his mistake.


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