Love Story (Part : 37 Painful Memories)


“I am not going.” Manik said loudly throwing the shirt in the corner of the room. Nandini gave him angry glares.

“Manik why are behaving like a kid. You should go , work is important. I really don’t want you to cancel your shooting because of me. For me please go.” She requested looking at him with pleading eyes. Inside her heart didn’t want him to go. She wanted to spend time with him. But she was forcing him to go because  she knew , work is also important.

“Nandini I know your heart doesn’t want me to go and I have decided that I won’t go. I am listening to your heart and my decision won’t be get changed.” He said stubbornly while Nandini was looking at him unbelievably thinking that every time how he came to know what her heart wants.

“Okay fine. But this is the first and last time. I am letting you cancel your shooting because of me.” She said strictly showing her index finger to him like a mother. Manik nodded his head like a innocent and obedient kid. But she didn’t know that he would always think about her before his work. Her happiness was his first priority.

“Well don’t you think we were just fighting like typical husband and wife few minutes ago?” He asked raising his eyebrows and sniffed because of cold. Nandini laughed on his words and he also laughed with her.


Nandini walked out of Manik’s room spending some time. Both wanted to spend more time with each other but Nandini had to prepare dinner at home.

“Hello uncle ?” Nandini greeted Raj who was walking out of his room. Raj smiled back and he also welcomed her like his son with sneeze.

“Uncle you also caught cold. I brought Kadha for Manik. You also drink that Kadha. You will get completely fine in a day.” She said and Raj was just looking at her having big smile on his face. He was glad to see that She already took the responsibilities of Manik and this house. She already started taking care of his son. After all Nandini was his choice and he was feeling proud of his choice.

“Thank you beta and god bless you.” Raj said patting Nandini’s hair and gave her blessings. Nandini smiled in response looking at him.


At dining table Malhotra’s were having dinner. Muskan was entertaining everyone with her cute talks.

“Where is Cabir ?” Neyonika asked about Cabir catching everyone’s attention. Adi and Manik looked toward each other and passed the smile.

“Mom we locked him in room.” Manik told Neyonika and everyone’s eyes shot up in a shock. Muskan giggled after knowing this.

“Why ?” Neyonika asked confusingly. 

“Because we wanted him to teach him a lesson.  Don’t worry , we are just going to open the door.” Adi said getting up and Manik also got up. Neyonika shook her head a disbelief.

“How can I blame my children when my own husband still behaves like a kid sometimes.” Neyonika said looking at Raj in fun tone. Everybody laughed and Raj was glaring her.

“Papa.. chachu.. musu bi aap dono  sath jaegi room tholne.” She said jumping down from her chair and ran behind Manik and Aditya before Zoya could stop her.


Aditya was opening the lock of Cabir’s room while Manik was standing beside him , holding Muskan in his arms. He opened the door and they walked inside and their eyes widened up in a shock. Cabir was just about to break the glass window with the hockey stick.

“Cabir stop.” Manik and Adi shouted together and Cabir got stopped. Muskan was also shocked. He turned around and they both were glaring him.

“You both didn’t left any other option with me.” He said in attitude walking toward them like all this was happening because of them and he was having no mistake.

“Chachu aap iss stick ke sath ka kale thai ?” Muskan asked pointing her little finger toward the hockey stick which was in Cabir’s hand.

“Trying to Break the window because I have a date with your Massi (Mom’s sister).” he said casually and ran from there before his brother could beat him more.

“Daddy.. Manik chachu.. yeh date ka hoti hai ? Date Matlab talik but chachu ka matlab tha talik  massi ke sath ? Musu bilkul bi smajh ni aya.” Cabir’s words confused her and she cutely asked from them. Manik and Adi looked at each other thinking that how to explain the little Muskan about the word date.

“Ask Chachu , we also don’t know the meaning of date.” Manik answered smartly and Muskan now looked toward Adi for answer. He also nodded his head negatively. Answering children’s questions is the most difficult task.


Adi was all ready to complete their romance which had remained incomplete in the morning and evening. But when he walked inside , for a moment he became sad because Zoya also fell asleep while making her daughter sleep. But soon a smile spread across his face seeing the beautiful view. Muskan was sleeping above her Mumma , encircling her arms around her neck. He walked toward them. He covered them with the blanket properly and then kissed their forehead gently. He laid down beside them and fell asleep while seeing the two most important person of his life.

Next morning

Last Night Manan slept while talking to each other. In the morning also they talked for sometime after waking up and then went to take bath. Nandini was cleaning her cupboards after the breakfast. She was happy and whistling her favourite song which was of her Manik Malhotra.

She was taking out her clothes from the cupboard  and keeping them on the bed. By mistake few clothes fell down on floor. She slapped her head for the mistake and bent down to pick up the clothes. She picked up the clothes and now from those clothes few photos fell down on the floor. Nandini eyes fell on them and she got froze for a moment seeing those photos.

Those photos of her with the person who had betrayed her and broken her heart brutally. The man who had brought her nothing but misery. Tears started breaming in her eyes. The memories which she never wanted to remember which she was trying to forget from years , the flashes of those memories again started coming in her mind. She crashed down on the floor in agony and clothes slipped down from her hands. She picked up the photos and tears automatically started rolling down from her eyes. She didn’t want to cry for him anymore but it wasn’t in her hands. She just wanted to erase his memories from her mind. The memories which were beautiful for her few years back and now they were just her mistake. She was weeping closing her eyes and her hand clutched the photo tightly. She wanted this pain to go but nothing was helping her out. Everyone said that the time will heal her but the time was also not healing.

Whenever  she tried to move on , to live her life happily and to give a chance to her life then only something happened with her which broke her heart again into million of pieces. She didn’t know why those photos were still affecting her. She wanted to stop this pain. She got tired of fighting with her pain and fear. She wanted to get heal. She wanted this pain to vanish away completely. She had burned all his memories but she was having no idea how those photos  remained hidden.

Was god hinting something to her through these photos ?

“No I won’t cry for that bastard anymore.” She gathered herself and said wiping her tears with the knuckles. She took a deep breath and got up. Again her eyes fell on the photos which she was holding in her hand. She shut her eyes in anguish and pressed her lips together to control her cries and tears. She immediately opened her eyes when she heard the voice of opening of door.

There she saw the person who was relieving her pain. That person was non other Manik. She immediately hid the photo behind her back and plastered a fake smile. Manik immediately came to know that she was hiding something and her wet eyelids were clearly telling him that she had cried. His heart broke down seeing her wet eyes. He walked toward her taking slow steps. She was looking down and crushing the photos in her fist. He stood in front of her and her breath became heavy.

“What you are hiding Angel ?” He asked pulling her face upward holding her chin with his thumb and index finger. She was now looking at him. Her eyes were filled up with pain and he could clearly see that. His heart was inching. He wanted to know the reason. Till morning everything was fine. She was happy and excited for their marriage shopping. Then what happened to her suddenly , he was shocked.

“One thing you can never hide from me that is your tears. Your wet eyelids are telling me that you were crying.” Her eyes widened up in a shock that how he came to know that she was crying.

“What do you think.. that your fake smile will make me fool?” He asked raising his eyebrows. She looked down having no answer of his question.

“Please tell me Nandini why you were crying and what are you hiding from me ?” He requested and she moving her eyelashes upward looked toward him. It was hurting him because she was again hiding things from him.

“You promised me that you will share everything with me. You are breaking your promise Angel and it is hurting.” He said pointing his index finger towards his heart. She looked toward his heart and again toward him.

“Manik you are thinking wrong. I am not hiding anything.” She said breaking her silence.He chuckled making her confused. 

“I know.. you are lying , Angel. I want truth and if you are really not hiding anything from me then show me what is in your hand ?” He said in serious tone while she clutched the photos more tightly looking at him silently.  She didn’t want to make him hurt by showing those photographs . She didn’t want that he should come to know that those photos were still affecting her.

“Okay fine. You don’t want to tell me. You need space right. Then I am going. But from next time don’t do such promises which you can’t keep , please..” He said dishearteningly taking few step away from him looking at her disappointedly. She shut her eyes dejectedly. She didn’t want to hurt him in any manner but she was hurting him. She opened her eyes and he turned around to go. She saw him going toward the door. She wanted to run and hug him but she felt like her legs got jammed. Her heart was screaming to stop him.

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