Love Or Sin (Part : 30 They Get Caught)


Next day

Nandini caught a cold after getting drenched in the rain last night. She was lying in the blanket with him. She was feeling warmer in his arms more than the blanket.

“I warned you to not get drenched in the rain but you..” Whenever she was sneezing, Manik was scolding her like a father. She rolled her eyes.

“Last night, who was thanking me for making his night special?” She sniffed and asked, glaring at him.

“But look you caught a cold now.” He rubbed her nose with the hanky which he was holding in his hand. Her nose had become red because of the cold. She was looking so cute.

“I can’t see you like this my star.” He spoke concernedly while cubbing her face.

“Don’t worry, Manik. I will be fine soon.” She reassured him, blinking her eyes and put her hand on his face.

She sneezed again, covering her mouth with her hand. “Please don’t start again.” He was about to scold her again but she stopped him by showing her hand to him.

He rubbed her nose with the hanky, frowning at her.

“I am telling you, I will be fine very soon. My overprotective Manik, please stop giving me these types of glare.”

“Okay.” He spoke after kissing her forehead and she smiled at him.

“Now, I am going to make hot coffee for my star.”

“Wait, I will also come with you.” She stopped him by holding his hand as he was about to leave the bed.

“No, you are not going with me. You should take some rest.” He spoke strictly. She made a sad pout like a small baby and looked at him pleadingly.

“Are you trying to convince me with your cuteness, my star?” As he asked, raising his eyebrows, she nodded her head innocently.

“You are so cute.” He pulled her cheeks and she grinned.

“Yes, I know that..” she made a pout in attitude.

“But you come to the point and tell me, are you get convinced or not?” She asked directly and he was staring at her unbelievably.

“Okay, you are going with me in the kitchen.” He agreed and she jumped into his arms happily. He laughed hugging her back and she snuggled in his arms.

He made her sit on the kitchen’s counter and he started making coffee for her. She was sitting opposite side of where the stove was kept. Manik was shirtless and she was admiring his hot body from behind. She still remembered that night when she had seen him shirtless for the first time. Only he had the power to make her crazy with his body. She was feeling like to kiss and touch every inch of his body. By the way, she was already kissing his body with her eyes.

She jumped down from the kitchen counter and strolled to him. She wrapped her arms around his bare chest and put her face on his back. Manik smiled, feeling her touch. Her warm breath was caressing his back and driving him crazy. If the things weren’t complicated, he would have kissed her passionately after pinning her on the wall.

She was placing soft kisses down his back and his body was burning with the desires.

“We need to control ourselves for a few more days star.” He turned toward her after removing her hands from his body and spoke playing with her hair. She made a sad pout and nodded her head.

“What I can do, you are so irresistible. It’s your fault.” She spoke boldly, moving her hands on his bare chest and her eyes were gazing there only. He smiled at her.

She moved her eyes at him and moved her hands down from his chest. “From next time, don’t roam shirtless around me or else I can lose control.”

“You are calling me irresistible. But madam look at yourself for once. All the time, you roam in front of my eyes wearing my shirt only. You know, how difficult it is for me to control my desires.” He spoke while his gaze shifted from her face to her thigh. The shirt which she was wearing, it was reaching till her mid-thigh.

“Now say something.” He spoke looking at her.

“How much more, we have to control ourselves, Manik? And For how long ?” She asked sadly from him.

“My Star, don’t be sad. God is just testing our love. You will be mine and our love will win very soon. I know it is difficult but we will survive it, together.” He reassured her and entwined his both hands with her. Her fingers filled the gap between his fingers so perfectly like her hands are made for his hands only.

“Together.” She uttered and smiled at him. He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response.

Nandini was drinking morning coffee sitting on the sofa. Manik was sitting beside her and he was showing his childhood’s album to her. When he showed his school photograph with Shivansh to her, she saw the glint of guilt and pain in his eyes but he was hiding his pain behind his smile. He forgot that Nandini could read his eyes. She held his hand and squeezed it, assuring him that she is with him.

“I am fine until you are with me, my star.” He whispered, gazing at her. He brought her hand near to his lips and kissed her knuckles, gazing in her eyes. She smiled at him and sniffed, rubbing her nose because of the cold.

“No, this photo, you can’t see.” She was busy drinking her coffee when Manik said taking out one photo from the album. She looked at him, widening her eyes.

“Manik, stop behaving like a kid and show me. I want to see.” She tried to take the photo from his hand, but he got up and hid the photo behind his back.

“No, I won’t.” He denied, nodding his head and she glared at him, making an angry pout.

She kept the cup of coffee on the table and stood up, glaring at him angrily.

“Please show me.” She tried to take it from his hand, but he ran away there after pushing her.

“Manik…” she yelled and rushed behind him. Stepping on the bed, jumping down the bed and going to poolside then again coming back to the room, Manik was making the poor Nandini run after him everywhere.

She bent down and trying to catch her breath back, putting her hands on her knees. “Manik, that’s enough. Now show me, please.”She requested, looking at him after catching her breath back. Manik was smiling at her standing a little far away from her. As he nodded, she frowned.

Next moment, she ran toward him and snatched the photo from his hand angrily. In this, the photo got ripped.

“I want to see the photo. You are very bad.” She cried and hit his muscular chest with her tiny hands. He was regretting now for making his star cry.

“I am sorry.” He apologised, holding her hands and stopped her from hitting him, but she rolled her eyes.

“I am not talking to you.” She stood facing her back to him. He was about to hold her from behind but she ran toward the sofa.

“I really wanted to see that photo but you didn’t let me see it.” She was crying like small baby, sitting on the sofa.

“Now, I have to do something. I really made her so upset.” He thought in his mind looking at Nandini. He picked up the two-piece of photo from the floor and went toward the bed.

“ Here is that photo. You can see it.” After a few minutes, he came to Nandini and said while showing her that photo. He had joined the photo with the tape for her because he couldn’t see his star upset.

“I don’t want to see.” She growled at him, moving his hand away.

“I am sorry. Won’t you forgive me, my star?” He asked so sweetly and she melted at that moment only. Her gaze shifted from his face to photo and her eyes shimmered.

“You are looking so cute, Manik. You are so stupid that you were hiding this photo from me.” She spoke looking at the photo after taking it from his hand. It was Manik’s one-year-old in which he was completely naked. He smiled sheepishly, rubbing his nape.

As she looked at him and he apologised. “I am sorry for making you upset.”

“It’s Okay.” She blinked her eyes and again looked at the photo having a smile on her face.

In the evening, Mukti and Cabir stepped into Malhotra Mansion. They were back from the business trip and now they had come to surprise Manik. But they both had no idea that they both were going to get the biggest shock of their life.

“You both sit in the hall. I am calling sir downstairs.” Sujata said after seeing them.

“No need. We both want to surprise him.” Cabir said excitedly. Sujata slightly nodded her head and left. Then they both went upstairs.

Manik was giving Nandini medicine, sitting beside her on the bed. She was sitting on the bed leaning against the pillow.

“Ahaa, Manik. I think something went in my eye.” She screamed in pain and covered her eye with her hand. Manik got tensed. He cupped her face and moved closer to her face. He was blowing air in her eyes.

That time only Mukti and Cabir reached there. Their eyes shot in a shock. Manik was sitting facing his back to them and the girl’s face was hidden. They thought Manik was kissing the girl.

“I think, finally Manik has found a girl for himself,” Mukti whispered in Cabir’s ear and both chuckled.

“I think you guys forget to close the door.” Manan were startled as they heard Cabir’s voice. They stared into each other in utter. They were not understanding what they should do now. They never wanted this truth to come out like this in front of them.

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