Love Story (Part : 45 The Sangeet)


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Adi was making her daughter wear the belly. Both were sitting on the floor. Muskan was looking not less than a princess in blue frock and his father never used to leave a single chance to treat his daughter as a princess. She was little princess of her father. Zoya was standing beside them , crossing her arms around her chest. She was smiling, seeing her world in front of her eyes.

“Thank you dadddy.” She spoke cutely , hugging her father. He smiled broadly.

“My Princess.” Adi said and kissed her forehead.

“My daddy.” She said , putting her both tiny hands on her father’s face. Adi felt like to eat up his adorable daughter. He rubbed his nose with her little nose. She grinned cutely.

“Oh hello , I am also here. Did you guyz forget me.” Zoya asked and raised her eyebrows when they both looked at her.

“Daddy mumma got jealous.” Muskan said cutely and giggled , putting her both hands on her mouth. Adi again kissed her forehead. Zoya was staring her daughter and Adi winked at her , taking Muskan in his arms , sitting on the floor.

“She is our princess.”Zoya said , kneeling down in front of them. She caressed Musu’s hair and kissed her forehead. Adi nodded his head in yes , having smile on his face.

“Yes Mein mumma aur daddy dono ki plincess hoon. ( I am princess of my mumma and daddy both.)” she said cutely and Adiya kissed her cheeks together. Muskan smiled , showing her all teeth. She was the life of Adiya. She completed them. She took away their all pain and filled their life with lots of happiness.


The hall was decorated beautifully for Sangeet function. A stage was step up for the performances. Guest started arriving . Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra were welcoming them. Photographers were clicking pictures and making videos and Cabir was getting warming from his girlfriend.

“If today you will spoil our dance Cabir , I will kill you. Mark my words.” Sanaya warned him, pointing her forefinger toward him because last time at her friend’s Sangeet , he forgot the steps. Cabir just nodded his head in yes like a beeghi billi. Only Sanaya had power to control Cabir.

Photographers ran to click Manan pictures when they saw them , coming downstairs. Their hands were entwined with each other. They were smiling looking around and sometimes looking at each other. Everybody’s eyes were on the most beautiful couple who were going to be get tied up in a knot. Nandini was about to trip down on the stairs because of high heels but Manik saved her from falling down on right time like a hero. He held her hand tightly and encircled his other hand around her back. Both looked at each and got lost , looking into each other eyes. They forgot that many eyes were looking at them.

“Are you fine , Angel?” He asked concernedly , looking at her. She smiled and just nodded her head in yes but when she took another step , she felt a sharp pain in her ankle. She hissed in pain , digging her nails in Manik’s hand. He looked at their hands and then toward her. Without asking or saying anything he picked her up in his arms , making Nandini shocked. He looked at her and then immediately took her downstairs. He made her sit on chair and himself sat down on his knees to check the injury. Everybody stood around them and they could see that how much he loved his angel.

“Manik I am fine.” She stopped him when in front of everybody he was about to touch her feet. She was feeling uncomfortable around everybody. But he didn’t care of anybody, he only cared for his angel. He looked at her for a second and then pulled up her lengha up little upward , looking down.

“What was the need of wearing high heels Angel ? From now I won’t let you wear heels.” He freaked out seeing high heels which she was wearing. He said while freeing her from the heels.

“You will wear flats and that’s final.” He said like a strict father , looking and pointing his finger at her. Nandini was just looking at him with the small smile , seeing that how much he cared for her.

“I am not understanding that what was the need of wearing heels. Now You got hurt because of the heels.” He was constantly scolding her. Everybody could see his care in his anger. Nandini was just smiling, looking at him. He was pressing her feet and looking that where it is paining because there was no outer injury.

“Manik I am fine. Now get up. It was paining because of heels only.” She said putting her hands on his shoulder. Next moment he again started shouting on her.

“Then why ? Why you wore heels?” He asked angrily looking at her. Nandini was going crazy seeing his concerns for her and her father was happy and tension free , seeing Manik’s care for her daughter. He was standing beside Nandini , having small smile on his face.

“Actually, my height is short and you are so tall . So the stylist suggested me to wear heels to match with your height.” She finally answered him and now he felt like to kill that stylist , because his angel got hurt because of that stylist.

“Angel , whatever you are , you are perfect for me. You don’t need to wear heels. In fact I love my tiny angel. You look cute. Never do such things which hurts you later please. Because it’s hurt me a lot , seeing you in pain.”He said lovingly, putting hand on her face looking into her eyes. Nandini got lost , looking into his eyes and in his words. While Everybody were enjoying the free movie in front of their eyes.

“Bhaiya and my would be bhabhi. Can we start the function if your talks are over ?” Cabir asked , bringing them back on the earth. Manik glared at him while Nandini looked down shyly. A servant came with flat footwear for Nandini , Neyonika had asked him to bring when Manik was busy scolding her. Manik then himself make her wear the flat footwear. Nandini was just looking at him , her eyes were glowing with happiness, seeing Manik’s care. Everybody started asking from Nandini that she is fine or not. Nandini got up from chair and showed them that she is fine. Manik sighed, seeing her fine.


Everybody settled down in front of stage to see the performances. Manan were sitting at the front seats. Cabir and Sanaya were the host of the function.

“So here Cabir welcome you all for the sangeet function of our beloved couple, Manan.” Cabir called them Manan and they both looked at each other. Manik murmured Manan , having smile on his face. Nandini smiled back in response.

“And I am Sanaya. Now let’s call our first performer. Let’s make it interesting , you have to guess the person. She is the apple of everyone’s eyes. Nobody could resist her cuteness. So who is she ?” Sanaya asked and everybody shouted ‘Muskan’. Manan smiled looking at each other.

“Yes right. She is non other than our sweetiepie Muskan.” Sanaya said and Musu came running on stage happily. She was super excited for her performance. Sanaya handover the mike to muskan with the smile and went in the corner of stage with Cabir.

“Wah wah , ram ji.. , tu..tu.. joli ka banae tu.. tu.. . Chachu aul chachi ko badhai ho badhai.” She sang this line in her cute language three times. She took away everybody’s heart from her sweet song which she had prepared for her Chachi and Chachu. Manan shouted together’love you musu’. Adiya came on stage to hug their little bundle of joy. Adi picked her up in his arms and kissed her forehead. Zoya put hand on her face and kissed her face thousands time. Neyonika and Ram were blessing them.

“Mumma daddy , musu ka song kesa laga aap dono ko ?”she asked , raising her eyebrows.

“Adorable like you , my musu. Oops sorry , our princess.” Zoya said and they all laughed together. Muskan laughed, putting hand on her mouth cutely.

“Next performance of our Adiya , current hottest and cutest couple of our family.” When everybody settled down after Muskan’s performance. Cabir called Adiya for the next performance. Zoya and Adi smiled looking at each other with so much love in their eyes. They went on stage, holding each other hand. The light goes off before the starting of their performance. The light goes on and they gave a beautiful performance on the song ‘Khudha jaane’. Next performance of Manan. Manik was going to sing the song and going to dance with Nandini.

(Chal diya

Dil tere peeche peeche

Dekhta main rah gaya

Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyan

Jo ankaha sa reh gaya)

Manik started singing the song in his amazing voice , walking toward his angel who was standing in the middle of stage , looking at him. Millions of people were crazy for him because of his voice. There was some kind of magic in his voice because he used to sing through his heart. He used to take all his emotion out through his song. He continued his singing , standing in front of her , looking deeply into her eyes. Nandini got completely lost in his melodious voice and in the song.

(Main jo kabhi keh na saka

Aaj kehta hoon pehli dafa

Dil mein ho tum

Aankhon mein tum

Pehli nazar se hi yaara)

He put his one hand on her bare waist and like always , his touch made her go crazy. She controlled herself from not getting lost in his magical touch. From his other hand ,he held her hand then pulled her closer to himself. She put her other hand on his shoulder.They started moving to and fro on the beat of the song, looking deeply into each other eyes. Manik was saying through his song to her that he kept looking as his heart followed her. There is something between them that has been unsaid. What he never said , today he is saying that she is there in his heart and in his eyes since the first time he saw her.

(Tere bin ye saare mausam

Berang thhe bemaza thhe

Shaamil nahi thi tu jinme

Wo saare pal bewajah thhe

Woh zindagi hai hi nahi

Jo main tere bina jee liya)

He twirled her , holding her forefinger. They were looking so beautiful together. Everybody were getting mesmerised, seeing the beautiful couple. Nandini was enjoying the dance with Manik. Both were happily dancing , forgetting everything. He walked behind her and lifted her up. Nandini closed her eyes , opening her arms. He put her down and sang coming , close to her ear. He said through his song that for him all the seasons were colourless and dull without her , all the moments were useless without her. The life which he spent without her was nothing. She brightened up his life and gave a new meaning to his live.

(Dil mein ho tum

Aankhon mein tum

Pehli nazar se hi yaara)

He completed the song , cubbing her face , looking deeply into her eyes. There was a big round of applause for them after their beautiful performance. Everyone were blessing the couple but few girls and boys were feeling jealous from them. He kissed her forehead, leaning down and she closed her eyes in response. She felt good to feel touch of his soft lips on her forehead. She felt alive whenever he used to touch her or kiss her. She just couldn’t wait to feel touch of his lips on her lips. The desire of them were increasing with each passing second with time and they were coming close.

But they both were unaware about the storm which was going to come in their life before their marriage.


Adi was feeding his daughter , sitting in some corner of room. His eyes shot up when he saw , his wife was laughing and talking to Jai. He could see that , he was not leaving a single chance of touching his wife. Jai was Zoya’s friend but Adi didn’t like him from starting. When Jai put his hand on her shoulder, Adi’s anger rose up. He stood up , looking at them and his eyes were spitting fire. He was possessive for his wife.

“Daddy ka hua apko?(what happened?)”Musu asked , sitting on the chair when she saw her father , getting up suddenly.

“Musu , daddy is just coming.” He walked from there saying this. When he reached there , Jai had already left. Zoya was standing facing to another side. He stood behind her. Zoya turned around around and got surprised to see him , standing behind her. She was having no idea about Adi’s anger.

“Adi , I didn’t come to know that you were standing behind me.” Zoya laughed saying this. Adi gave her fake smile and grabbed her wrist suddenly , making her suspicious. He started taking her somewhere.

“Adi , What happened? Where are you taking me?” Zoya was asking but Adi wasn’t answering to him. They walked inside one empty room.

“Adi What happened to you suddenly ? What are you doing?”Zoya asked, when he was locking the door. Next moment Adi pinned her on the wall , holding her arms. He looked at her , having anger in his eyes. Zoya was shocked, seeing him angry.

“Adi..” she was about to ask again that what happened to him but before she could, he shushed her , putting finger on her lips. Zoya stared at him , breathing heavily.

“I asked you so many times Zoya to stay away from that Jai. You called him here also. He has no right to meet and touch my wife. Only I have right on my wife.” Adi said dangerously, coming close to her ear. Zoya was not all shocked , seeing his possessiveness because she knew about his husband very well. But His actions were making her feel week on her knees.

“No.. , no word. I am not in a mood to hear that Jai is a so called good man and because my possessiveness, I am thinking this. Today you will listen me.” He said in strict tone, again putting finger on her lips when she was about to defend Jai.

“Here he put his hand right.” He said , pointing her eyes toward her shoulder and Next moment he started kissing her shoulder, pulling down the sleeves. Zoya closed her eyes in response. His touch was making her feel good. She moaned in pleasure when he gave a love bite to her on shoulder to mark that place as his. He kept kissing there for few moments while his hands were roaming at her bare back and her hands clutched his sherwani. Then he captured her lips , pinning her hand on the wall above her forehead . He was eating her lips and didn’t letting her touch him. He was punishing her for talking to the person whom he hated.

“If next time he will touch you , I will cut his hands for sure.” He said , breaking the kiss. Zoya was trying to catch her breath back , looking at him. He again slammed her lips after completing his words.


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