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The water which was falling on them was increasing their desire and their lips were just few inches away from each other. Nandini’s eyes were closed and she was waiting to feel his lips on her. Next moment she realised that he moved his face away from her instead of coming close to her. She instantly opened her eyes and found him , staring her. She looked toward him , her eyes asked him that why did he stop ? He immediately read her eyes. He could read her eyes. In true love , Partners convey their feelings through their eyes and gestures more than using of words. And This is one of the best thing about love.

“It’s not the right time. The day you will accept me completely then we will proceed further. It’s my decision, I am doing this for us. I won’t lie that it’s easy to control feelings.. but I want to taste your juicy lips and make love with you when you will trust our love completely. I want you to kiss me with love only, having no doubt in your mind about me.. and our love.” He answered her unasked question, the question which her eyes had asked from him. Listening Manik’s words , like always she felt blessed and like always he made her speechless with his words. He was controlling himself just for her. He was thinking about her only by putting his all manly desires aside.

“You change the clothes. I am waiting for you outside.” He said , turning off the shower. He looked at her and found her still looking at him without even blinking her eyes. She was thinking , looking at him that how could anybody be so kindhearted.

“Nandini.. I waiting for you outside.”He said , holding her shoulders and brought her back on the earth. She nodded her head and he left after last time glancing at her , having a small smile on his face.

She walked toward mirror and stared at her reflection. She touched her lips which were dried. Despite of standing under the shower, her lips were dried because they were craving to get wet by coming in his mouth. She wanted him to kiss her till infinity at that moment but no word came out of her mouth because somewhere she was still doubting him that may be in future he would leave her but she knew that he loved her truly. It was difficult for her to trust someone blindly after that incident.


Muskan was sleeping on her father’s tummy. Zoya and Adi had made Muskan sleep very difficultly. She was afraid of closing her eyes too. He was staring Muskan without blinking his eyes. He was holding her tightly in his arms because he was afraid to lose her again. Zoya was lying on her one side and caressing her princess’s hair. Her eyes were looking at her husband. She was disturbed and horrified because of what had happened with Muskan but Adi was in trauma after that incident. She could see her husband condition. Zoya was controlling her emotions because one side her daughter was crying and other side her husband was in trauma.

“Adi..” Zoya called him , putting hand on his shoulder. He just hummed, still looking at Muskan. He didn’t move his eyes away from his princess. He was scared that what if he lost her again with the blink of his eyes. That’s why he was staring her constantly. He couldn’t afford to lose his princess again.

“Adi look at me please..” She requested him , coming close to his face and her hands held his face. Finally she made him look at her. She closed her eyes dejectedly when her eyes met his eyes which were filled with guilt. She composed herself and opened her eyes.

“Adi.. Muskan with us now. Everything is fine now.” Zoya was whispering because she didn’t want to disturb Muskan’s sleep.

“Nothing is fine Zoya. Our.. our princess.. she is crying because of me. I left her alone. How.. I mean how could I do this ? Haven’t you seen marks on her hands ? She got hurt and shed tears because of me… Zoya.  Before Aman her first culprit of her pain is me. I gave him chance to kidnap our daughter. I will make Aman suffer each and every second in jail but what about me. Who will give me punishment. I can never forgive myself…” his each and every word was screaming that how much guilty he was feeling. Zoya wasn’t understanding that how to make him understand. She turned her face to another side and cried closing her eyes.

“No.. I won’t let Adi live in this guilt. I will make everything fine. I can’t let this incident break us , break my daughter  and my husband. I promise you Adi , I will make everything fine for you.. , for our daughter, for all of us..” She thought in her mind and wiped her tears with knuckles. Her eyes were filled with determination to make everything fine.


Nandini walked outside from the washroom, wearing nightwear. She found Manik, sitting in wet clothes on sofa and waiting for her. He looked her , raising his head and kept looking at her. Her wet hair turned him on. The water droplets on her neck and face made him crazy. He wanted to suck them all from her body. He was staring her like an idiot and this was nothing new for Nandini. But his stare made her cheeks red.

“Manik.. you should go and change.” Listening her voice, he came on earth back. He got up , nodding his head. He was looking at her like innocent baby because he was having no idea what she said to him. Nandini tried hard not to smile.

“Manik.. go or else you will catch cold than who will marry me tomorrow?” She asked , raising her eyebrows.

Making Nandini shocked , Manik pulled her toward himself, grabbing her waist.

“Whether the storm came or flood came , nothing can stop me from marrying my angel tomorrow.” He said , tugging her hair behind her ear. Both of them were looking into each other eyes.

“This angel will be mine legally tomorrow.” He said, having smirk on his face. Nandini eyes shot up  , listening his words because she wasn’t expecting these words. He left her waist and walked out after winking at her. Nandini shook her head in a disbelief because Manik some time used to do the things which were beyond her expectations.


Nandini was combing her hair , standing in front of mirror. She was only thinking about Manik. She wasn’t thinking about that incident. She was thinking that  the way Manik’s touch was burning her whole body in the cold shower. This called as the magic of love. Manik made her forgot about everything. Only he was on her mind.

She came on the earth back when she heard  knock on the door. She went to open the door.

“Uncle.. Auntie..” she was surprised to see Neyonika and Raj late at night in her room. She held the door and stood on side , giving them way to walk inside. She closed the door and they all settled down on sofa. She was sitting in the middle of them.

“Nandini.. What you did today for our family  , We have no words to say thank you. You put your life at risk just to save Muskan.” Neyonika broke the silence and spoke holding Nandini’s hand. Raj was patting her head. Nandini looked at both of them and then stood up , having anger in her eyes.

“Are you both came here to say thank you to me ?” She asked in a disbelief , standing in front of them. Neyonika and Raj , they were shocked. They weren’t understanding the reason of her anger. They stood up , looking at Nandini confusingly.

“Uncle and Auntie, What I did today , I did for my family. By saying thank you.. you both are making me feel like I am an outsider. Muskan is part of my family now. I will do anything..  to protect my family. From childhood, I yearned to have a family. I was..  happy to get you all. You all never made me feel like I was an outsider. But today by saying thank you.. , you made me feel like I am not the part of your family.” Nandini said dishearteningly. Raj and Neyonika felt guilty now. With the guilt , they were also impressed with Nandini. The way she accepted them as her family wholeheartedly. Nandini always used to make Raj proud of his choice.

“Nandini.. Our intention were not to hurt you. We never wanted to make you feel like an outsider. It’s just we weren’t understanding how to express our happiness after what you did. I promise you beta.. we will never make you feel like this.”Raj said , walking toward Nandini. Neyonika nodded her head , agreeing with his words. Nandini gave them small smile in gesture telling them that she forgave them.

“But you don’t need to put your life at risk every time. We don’t want lose our daughter. Remember one think that.. you are as important as Mukti and Zoya to us.” Neyonika said , putting hand on her face. Nandini face bright up and a big smile came on her face, listening her words.

“Why you didn’t apply ointment on it yet ? You are careless like Manik in this.” Neyonika scolded her when her eyes fell on her wound which was on her forehead. She made her sit on sofa and asked about the first aid box. Nandini pointed her finger toward her bag. Raj brought it and gave it to Neyonika. She wasn’t aware that Manik had already healed her wound without any ointment with the magic of his touch.

Neyonika started applying ointment on her wound carefully with cotton. Nandini was just looking at her , having tears in her eyes. The tears were not of pain. The tears were of happiness of getting mother love after ages and seeing how a mother cares for their children. She could see that Neyonika was feeling pain while applying the ointment on her wound. Then her eyes looked at Raj who was standing there worriedly and instructing Neyonika to apply ointment carefully without hurting her. She was feeling blessed to have them in their life.

There was another person who was looking at them , standing on the doorstep. The person was non other Manik. He was having a broad smile on his face. His heart was happy seeing her parents taking care of his angel as same as like they took care of him. This was one of the most beautiful scenario he was seeing. He didn’t want to disturb them that’s why he was standing there silently.

“Tomorrow is going to be a special day and a long day for you. So try to sleep, Okay.” Neyonika kissed her forehead and said. Nandini passed her a smile in response. She got up and started walking toward the door with Raj. They saw Manik and walked out , giving him smile. As soon as they left , Nandini ran toward Manik and hugged him tightly, burying her face in his shoulder and encircling her arms around his neck. Manik was taken a back with her sudden hug but with in a second , he hugged her back , wrapping his arms around her. He was having a content smile on his face , holding his angel in his arms. Nandini was having tears of happiness in her eyes. She was happy , getting a family. She was happy , seeing their care. Manik was the only person with whom she wanted to share her this happiness. Happiness used to make her cry more than thepain.

“Can I know the reason of the hug.. soon to be Mrs. Nandini Manik Malhotra?” They broke the hug. He asked , raising his eyebrows. Nandini smiled when he added his name after her name. She felt her name because more beautiful after this.

“Because I’m happy.” She  replied , having smile on her face. Manik was more happy than her , seeing his angel happy. Her smile was peace of his heart. He was so thankful to his parents for bringing the  beautiful smile on his angel’s face. She looked more beautiful and attractive to him when she smiled.

“You are happy because we are getting marry , right?” He asked , coming close to her face and this made her heartbeat fast.

“No..” she denied and Manik made a sad pout.

“Aren’t you happy because we are going to be get married tomorrow?” He asked sadly but inside he was enjoying while teasing her. Nandini nodded her head in no immediately.

“Manik.. my happiness reason is something else now. That doesn’t mean I am not happy for our marriage. Of course I am. Few days back I wasn’t happy but now I am the most happiest person. The reason of my all the happiness is you only and you know this. My happiness start with you and they end with you. I promise.. I will do anything to make our married life good and better.. every day. I will do anything for us.” Nandini said , putting hand on his face. Manik smiled , listening her words. He could see that he was getting successful in his mission of healing her deep wounds which weren’t visible to anybody except him. Each and every day , she was getting better and coming more close to him.

“By the way Nandini.. I was thinking that where should we go for our honeymoon. Do you have any place in your mind ?” He asked like a excited kid just to tease her. Hearing the word honeymoon , Nandini’s cheeks became red like tomato. She blushed, looking down.

“Tell me na.. Angel.” He walked toward her and asked , raising her chin , by holding her jaw with his thumb and  forefinger. Nandini looked at him shyly and he loved his shy Angel. He loved everything about her.

“Manik I am feeling sleepy. It’s a long day tomorrow. Let me sleep please and you also sleep.” She said cutely , running toward her bed. Manik chuckled seeing the way she was trying to escape from the discussion of their honeymoon. She laid down on the bed and covered herself with the blanket completely, her face too. After few minutes, she peeped out from the blanket, pulling it down till her nose.

Her eyes popped up in a shock when she found him , locking the door.

“But I have different plans for tonight.” He said , walking toward her , having smirk on his face. Nandini’s face was worth watching at that time. He was approaching toward her and her heart was beating rapidly. Manik was trying hard to control his laugh , seeing her.

“Manik..  abhi.. abhi shaddhi toh kal hai na toh fir aaj kyu..? (Tomorrow is our wedding right then why tonight?)” She stammered and asked cutely, making Manik chuckled. She looked at him confusingly when she found him , picking up the extra blanket and pillow from the bed.

“I know our marriage is tomorrow but I don’t want to leave you alone tonight also after today’s incident. I know nightmares will not let my angel sleep. That’s why I want to become guardian of your sleep and want to protect you from all the nightmares. I want that you should sleep well because from now I am there to fight with your nightmares.” He said , standing in front of her bed. Like always, he made her speechless with his words. He without saying anything further walked toward the couch. He laid down there and covered himself with the blanket. Nandini was just staring him without blinking her eyes.

After few minutes

They were lying closing their eyes but sleep was far away from their eyes.

“Nandini did you sleep ?” Manik asked  , breaking the silence , looking at Nandini. She was sleeping, turning her face to another side. Manik could see her back.

“I’m not feeling sleepy Manik.” She said , opening her eyes. She turned on the other side and looked at Manik.

“I am thinking about Muskan. She gone through a lot because of me. Her crying face is not letting me sleep. I am feeling guilty.” She spoke sadly , looking at Manik. She made him angry when she blamed herself.

“Nandini.. it wasn’t your fault. So stop feeling guilty. In fact you tried to save her. You gave yourself to that bastard just for her only. Nandini even I am sad for her but we will make her fine. She will be fine , don’t worry.” Manik tried to make her understand and she remained silent. She was just looking at him. She was worried for Muskan.

“You know , today it was the first time when I felt so helpless in my life. That bastard was taking you away from me and I was not able to do anything  to protect you. I really wanted to kill that bastard for hurting you and Muskan.” Manik said angrily , fisting his hands. Then they talked for sometime and they both didn’t came to know when they slept while talking to each other.

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