Love Or Sin (Part : 19 I HATE YOU)


Love Or Sin (Part : 18 He Loves me too)

“You love me too, right?” He widened his eyes in utter shock as she asked after holding his hand. He was not expecting this question from her. How did she come to know?

Her beautiful smile was making him weak. He had always wished to see her this smile and now after finally seeing that smile, he didn’t want to snatch away her beautiful smile by saying no. He didn’t want to break her heart.

“Think about Shivansh. You can’t say yes.” He just opened his mouth to say yes, but closed his mouth back jerking away her hand listening to his mind. He suddenly brayed with laughter. She narrowed her brows in confusion and her smile faded.

“Are you living in a dream world? Like seriously you think that I love you.” He laughed louder.

Nandini was utterly shocked because she was not expecting this kind of reaction from him. She was really happy thinking that he loved her too. Even after seeing his this reaction, her heart was still not ready to believe that Manik didn’t love her.

“Yes, I seriously think that you love me. Shivansh has told me everything that you love a girl but she is married. I am sure that girl is me because I can see that in your eyes that you love me too.” Nandini said every word confidently, looking into his eyes. She shut his mouth with her confidence. She couldn’t fall weak at this moment. She knew that he was lying. Her heart knew that he loved her too. She was just listening to her heart at that moment.

“It just the coincidence, Nandini. You are just Shivansh’s wife for me and nothing else. I am just bearing you from the last night for Shivansh. I was quiet until now because of Shivansh. But today you crossed all the limit. How can you even think that I love you?” Her lips drew down and face. His words were heartbreaking for her. Tears automatically streamed down her cheeks.

He immediately turned around because he couldn’t control his tears from falling down his cheeks after seeing tears in her eyes. He turned around to compose himself and wipe the tears. He closed his eyes and pursed his lips to control himself from crying. He was breaking her heart and his heart was breaking more than her. He couldn’t see her in pain but he was giving her pain. He was feeling so helpless at that moment and his heart was constantly apologising from her. He was feeling so wretched.

“I can never love you, Nandini.” He spoke, having tears in his eyes and still facing his back to her. Nandini cried badly listening to this, looking at him. After all this, her heart was still not ready to believe that he didn’t love her.

Manik was about to walk away but Nandini jumping out of bed, rushed to him. She stopped him by grasping his hand and said, “look into my eyes and say that you don’t love me.” She still had hope that he loved her.

“Don’t make me do this, Nandini, please. I can’t break your heart more. I just can’t…” he murmured to himself squeezing his eyes shut. Nandini was making things more difficult for him. It was already getting difficult for him to face her and now she wanted him to say no, looking into her eyes.

“You have to do this for Shivansh, Manik. You have to make her believe that you don’t love him or else she will never able to move on from you and she will never able to fall in love with Shivansh again.” Manik’s mind again encouraged him to break the heart of the poor soul more. Like every time Manik listened to his mind and made himself ready to make her believe that he didn’t love her.

He turned around after wiping his tears. He pulled her toward himself holding her arms. After making his heart of stone, he lied, looking into her eyes directly. “I don’t love you, Nandini.” Nandini was utterly shocked. She was staring at him incredulously with her eyes wide open. He broke her all hope with those words.

“I don’t know why I just still can’t believe that you don’t love me. My heart is not letting me believe that you don’t love me. My heart is still saying to me that you are lying, Manik.” Nandini was sniffing and hiccuping while telling him whatever was going in her heart at that time. At that moment Manik just wanted to hug her tightly and wanted to tell her that she is right and how much he love her. But he was so helpless because he wanted to protect his friendship and for that, he would have to make her believe that he didn’t love her at any cost. He would have to break her already broken heart. It would be difficult but he could do anything for his friendship. He had made his mind that he would always choose his friendship over love.

He knew, he was doing wrong with her but he had no any other option. He knew, if he fall weak and confess his love now then in future Nandini would never able to move on from him after knowing that he also loved her. It was hard but he had accepted that she could only be in his heart, not in his life.

“Nandini stop this drama. It’s your mistake to fall in love with me after having a husband like Shivansh.” He shouted, pushing her away from himself. Nandini was looking at him unbelievably.

“You think, if you do this drama and I will accept that I love you. Never, I can never love the girl like you who can stoop so low. Oh now I understand, last night whatever happened, it was planned by you, you wanted to come close to me. How can you stoop so low, Nandini? I am pity of Shivansh that he fell in love with a girl like you.” Manik was out of his mind. He just wanted to make her believe in his words. He was saying anything without even thinking about her feelings and what she would be feeling at that moment. He was crushing her heart.

Nandini became completely numb listening to his words. The person whom she loved, he was accusing her for something which she could never do. At that time she was hating herself for loving the person like him. She was utterly shattered.

“Thank you, Manik for showing me the truth of you. Now I am pity of myself for falling in love with the person like you who thinks so low about me. I am hating myself for loving you. You just finished everything today. I hate you, Manik Malhotra.” Nandini rushed out of his room after shouting on him. She was angry, hurt and completely broken at that moment. She was angry with herself for falling in love with him. She was hating herself more than him.

Manik burst into tears, slumping down on the floor as she left the room after slamming the door. He would never forgive himself for doing this with Nandini. It was hurting him. He was feeling like he killed a part of him by breaking her heart. He was crying loudly in agony and apologising from Nandini. He had no intention to hurt her, but he hurt her for making her believe that he never loved her. He accused her of something which she had never done. He made fun of her pure love and called her love a mistake. He was feeling like to kill himself for doing all this with the innocent soul.

“Oh shit, What I did? Nandini is not well. Where she will go ?” He freaked out when he realised that Nandini was not in a condition to even walk.

“She couldn’t be mine but still I will always protect her and love her. I will do anything to bring her back and take care of her. She needed me and I just can’t leave her alone in that condition.” He left the room after opening the door and slamming it back.

Manik was going crazy. He was not understanding what he was doing. He was hurting Nandini badly choosing Shivansh’s friendship. After what he did with her, he wanted to bring her back but he was not thinking that why would Nandini come with him. He never wanted to see her face and wanted to move but destiny was having some other plans.

What do you think, Manik is right ?

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68 thoughts on “Love Or Sin (Part : 19 I HATE YOU)

  1. Oh nooooo!!! But somewhere I was expecting something like this will definitely happen😭😭😭😭 I completely understand manik want to save his friendship and want shivansh’s happiness but what about nandini 💔😭 poor her what’s her mistake if she would have known that she will fall in love with her husband’s friend that too after getting married toh she will definitely avoid the situations na..
    And manik doesn’t have any right to hurt and abuse her to such extent😭😭😭

  2. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Uff this stupid boy n his stupid mind!! 🙄 🙄 🙄 Saab sattyanash kar dia iss idiot ne.. 🙄🙄 But I can understand.. He’s also helpless.. 😣😣😣 But he shouldn’t cross his limit!! 😞😞 Hope so nandu is safe & fine.. Argh!! Yaar this triangle love story!! 😣😣
    Btw, awesome update.. Emotional 1..😩

  3. Manik ye Tumne kya Kar Diya ab Nandini Apne aapko Kabhi maf Nahi karegi aur tumhe to Kabhi maf Nahi karegi kya bol Diya tumne

  4. Fuckkk .. i so knew it that something like this will come up.. I’m just shocked would be an understatement.. this update was so heart wrenching.. the moment i read the title i knew soemthing like this would come up that manik would push her away.. but he would say such harsh things i never expected that.. he literally broke her.. why manik why.. you can’t fucking decide for her.. i understand you live your friend but you can’t make nandini love him forcefully.. nandini she’s so pure.. she ain’t any robot that whatever you want she’ll do.. thats is so dumb of you that you love her but you don’t know anything about love..

    I’m just so blank their separation it just breaks my heart to see them devastated and so hurt i so want to punch manik right on his face i so wish nandini would have punched him for this.. but for a fact i know even he’s not at fault.. whatever he’s doing it’s for his friend.. he’s not hurting her intentionally but still manik you are wrong.. you hurted such a pure soul and that too so bitterly.. manik is in lain but Nandini’s pain us way more.. because manik somewhere chose this but nandini never chose this.. nandini not even in her wildest dreams imagined this.. she was not ready to believe whatever he said till the time he made a mockery of her love..but she believed him ultimately.. nd why not who would trust so deeply after hearing all this.. nd nandini she’s so innocent that her emotions over powered her love ultimately.. nd the way nandini could read wbat his eyes depicts made me happy for a moment that nandini could read him so well.. but manik u r a monster seriously..😭😭

    Manik why said such harsh things.. this scene seriously reminded me of their first breakup on the day of musicana.. then also he broke her nd today here also the same thing.. i literally cried when i saw that scene for the first time.. Nandini loved him too much that she forgot all her pain just to hear that one pure love confession just to believe that he loves her too.. but alas manik you broke her so harshly..

    And the way nandini asked him to look into her eyes and say it.. that was too intense nd the way he said i can never love you.. the whole scene was so heartbreaking.. she couldn’t believe him that how can she be wrong .. she still had hopes which manik crushed bitterly..

    And manik I’m so fucking angry at him.. just to save a friendship you are hurting your love damb it.. hurting a pure soul.. why you have to say those harsh words.. she loves you manik can’t you see that? Are you blind or what? Manik choosing your friendship over love won’t get any happiness to any of you.. please understand this and stop being dumb. I know for you shivansh is very very important but can’t you see nandini doesn’t loves him nd she will never.. then why do you want him to be in such a marriage where there’s no love.. think rationally manik.. instead of being monster think avout it.. as a lover he did wrong that my heart hates him but when i see him doing this as a friend i feel proud.. because as a friend he’s nkt wrong.. like sacrificing love for friend like no one does that nowadays nd here’s manik who breaks all the streotypes.. i feel so proud that he does the unthinkable but still sahi hote hue bhi galat hai..

    I so wish just for once manik understands things from Nandini’s point of view too .. he loves her for god sake..

    I don’t know whether Manik’s actions were right or not.. whether the decision he took to choose shivaansh was correct or not.. but he’s helpless too.. but Manik nandini will never move on from you.. if not today then in future her marriqge will surely break then what will you do? When with time shivansh will be more hurt ? And manik just to make her move on how can you say such things.. yeh bhi nhi socha ki she’s not well.. why manik.? You will surely regret this Manik..

    But i even felt bad for Manik.. usske pov se dekho toh even he’s not wrong.. he too loved her.. he sacrificed her for his frnd.. he always wanted to see her happy nd smiling but what he has to do was to make her cry nd hurt.. he broke down the moment she left.. god knows how he held his inner turmoil nd put up a facade of not loving her of a monster.. this is so fucking difficult for him..

    Why their destiny is so cruel.. ?? Nd moreover why our writer is so cruel jo unhe itta rula rhi hai.. yeh writer ko toh mujhe maarna hai 🙄😶

    I just hope manik finds her.. nd i just hope to nandini to not to hate him.. hope that she understands the way she understood his feelings.. nd i hope it’s MaNan in the end..

    Mai toh keh rhi hu ab mannat le aao shivansh ki life me nandini ki judwa behen shivansh bhi khush aur MaNan bhi.. 🤷‍♀️

    Talking about the future i don’t know what’s comimg up next because seriously after reading this I’m short of words to describe what i felt.. and the way you portrayed and elaborated their pain their emotions so painfully yet beautifully was so amazing.. everytime i read I’m just mesmerised by the way you write each update.. it feels so real like I’m just watching that scene in front of my eyes.. painful yet beautifully written.. ❤



    You always did this with me😭 you always made me cry so much! Why?? Tell me!!😭

    I knw who much strength it’s has been required for manik to do all this! 😭

    He’s in pain mehku.. I can feel his pain.. I can connect myself with this story yrr!!😭

    And we can’t say anything about manik this decision.. That wht he did is ryt or wrong coz we can’t put ourself in his place… Damn he’s I so much pain mehku 😭

    And nandu.. God I’m feeling so sad for her… That poor soul had to bear so much pain… Why? Coz being a married women she’s in love with somebody else.. Ryt? 😭😭😭

    You knw wht mehku? This is the first stry
    I’m reading in which no one is at fault.. Where everyone is ryt in their own way , where each and every person love and respect each other but still they are in pain! Reason? Situation 😭

    Well I can’t write more! Reason? You knw very well..🤷🏻‍♀
    But the thing which I want to tell you is tht
    “I’m super duper excited to read further” ❤ and and and and… You are my favorite writer meri jaan!😘

    Keep writing!💯
    With lots of Love❤

    1. Love you so much meri shikhu baby😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Omg heart breaking update…nandu jam manik ko puchti he ki tum v mujhse pyar karte na..manik pura blank ho jata mtlb woh nandu se yeh question expect nhi karta..aur nandu bohot jyada hpyy hoti jaisa manik dekhna chahta tha hamesha se..manik nandu ka yeh khushi snatch Karna nhi chahta par woh majboor he..uska mind blta he ki shivansh ke bare me socho apne Frndship ke bare me socho…aur manik lough karne lgta he aur blta he tum kya sapne me jeeti ho? Tum yeh soch rahi ho ki me tumse pyar krta hu yeh blke bohot jor jor se hasne lgta he jo nandu bilkul expect nhi krti..manik ka confess sunkar v nandu ka dil yeh manne ko tayyar hi nhi hota ki woh usse pyar nhi karta…aur fir nandu blti ha mujhe sach lgta he ki tum mujhse pyar karte ho woh nandu puri confidence ke sath manik k akho me dekh kar blti he..aur nandu yeh v blti he Shiv ne use sabkuch bola he…yeh sb snke manik blta he ki woh sab ek coincidence he…tum sirf mere liye Shiv ki wife ho aur kuch nhi..main sirf Shiv k liye tumhe kal rat se jhel raha hu par tum tumhari har limits cross kar rahi ho..aur blta he tum soch v kese skti ho ki me tumhe pyar karungaa….omg manik yeh tum kyaa bol rahe ho seriously sach blo kya tum nandu se pyar nhi karte?…. Manik ke bate sun kar Nandini ka dil tut jta he nandu ki asu rukne ka naam hi nhi leta…. Nandu ke asu dekh kar manik k asu v thamne ka nam hi nhi leta manik nandu ko pain me nhi dekh sakta par dard v wohi de raha he.. Manik bohot jyada pyar krta he nandu se woh blna v chahta he bt uske pas nandu ko hurt krne k siwa aur kuch rasta nhi he..manik nandu ko jitna hurt kar raha he usse v jyada manik ka khudka dil tut raha he..he loves her like anything… But kya faida bol tho nhi raha..😡😡manik dusri taraf dekh k bolta he ki me tumse pyar nhi karta firbhi hamari Nandini ka dil yeh manne ko tayyar hi nhi hota…nandu manik ko blti he ki meri akho me dekh kar bolo ki tum mujhse pyar nhi karte..manik man hi man blta he Ki pls aur mushkil mat karo mere liye me aur Tumhara dil nhi thod skta..but firvi shivansh k bare me soch kar manik nandu k akho me dekh kar bl hi deta he ki i don’t love u..😭😭😭..manik yeh soch kar blta he ki agar manik nandu se yeh nhi bolga tho woh kavi v move on nhi karegi..but manik yeh nhi jnta ki nandu aur kabhi kisise pyar nhi kar sakti…Nandu manik ko blti he Ki firvi mera man nhi manta ki tum mujhse pyar knhi krte…tabhi manik ka man weak ho jata he nandu jor se hud karke batana chahta he ki woh kitna pyar krta he..par majboor he apne frndship k liye..are yaar apne bare me tho socho…manik apna mind ka sunke nandu ko jo muh me ata woh bpl deta he…bandh karo apna drama,agar tumhe mujhse pyar hua he toh woh Tumhara mistake he aur blta he tum soch v kese skti ho ki me tumse pyar karunga.Shiv k liye bura lag raha he ki woh tumhe kese itna pyar krta he..bohot bad bad blne lgta he woh uss din Tumhara hi plan tha mere karib ane k liye tum store room lock ho gayi thi…manik asa bol v kese skta he yaar mujhe tho bohot ghussa aa raha he….manik bas nandu ko blv karwana chahta he ki woh usse pyar hi krta apna mann mar k..inta dard q, do pyar krne walo ko yaar yeh heart aur mind kabhi ek bat pr ok q nhi hota..manik nandu ko un sab bato k liye accuse karta jo nandu ne kiya v nhi tabhi bas tabhi nandu manik ko blti he bura tho mujhe mere liye lag raha he ki mene tumse pyar kiya..acha hua tumne mujhe tumhara original side dikha d.. Nandu puri tut chuki thi usne kabhi nhi socha tha ki jis insan ko woh sabse jyada pyar kiya tha bharosha kiya uss insan ne tho kabhi use samjha hi nhi… Nandu Manik ko blti he aaj sabkuch khatam ho geya aur blti he me tumse nafrat krti hu i hate u yeh blke nandu room se bhagti hui chali jati he..jese hi nandu nikalti he tab Manik rone lagta he aur sryy blne lgta he manik ka koi intention nhi tha nandu ko hurt krna uski sacha pyar ka mazak udaana par uske pas koi aur rastha v tho nhi tha inn sab me nandu se v jyada manik ka dil tuta he q ki jis ladki ko woh sabse jyada pyar krta ho usiko hurt krna mtlb💔💔💔.. Suddenly manik ko realise hota he usne kya kiya he nandu tho walk krne ki halat me v nhi hoti he aur manik dorta hua bahar ata he dekhta he nandu kahi nhi hoti..aab manik chahta he nandu uske pas aa jaye taki uska khayal rakh sake…dekhte he nandu wapas manik k pass ati ki nhi..👌👌👌

  7. Shittt Shittt Its So Hurtful to see them crying😭😭 I wish them to never seperate

    Once again your writing skill has my heart😘❤

  8. I knew it u would make us cry after giving cute and lovely moment 😢😢💔💔💔

    Honestly no one is wrong
    Na manik na nandu dono apne dil ke aage majbur hai
    Ha manik ka tarika galat th usse nandu aise ni bolna chahiye th
    Usse pyar se nandu ko samjhna chahiye th

    That’s what she is thinking is wrong
    Wo usse ni kisi aur se pyar krta hai …wo usse kbhi pyar krne ke bare mai soch bhi ni skta because she is his best friend’s wife
    I hope usse wo sab nandu se na kaha hota

    But I know he was also hurting so much while saying those cruel words to her
    Wo kbhi nandu ko hurt ni karna chahta th
    Wo kbhi sapne mai bhi nandu ko hurt krne ka ni soch skta but for saving his friendship with shivansh manik kuch bhi karega

    My heart was breaking and hurting so much when manik was saying those words to her
    Infact manik was hurting so much while hurting her
    His heart was breaking in his pieces seeing her condition but he was so helpless
    He always wants to become the reason of her smile and happiness but because of this messed up situation in ended up being the reason of her pain and sadness

    Nandu ko uss condition mai dekh kar wo pal pal Mar rh th but fir bhi manik ye sab kuch kar rh th because he thinks ki aise krne se nandu usse nafrat krne lagegi and shivansh se firse pyar krne lagegi but I guess usse kya pta ki kbhi nandu ne shivansh se pyar kiya hi ni

    And he really thinks ki nandu dil tootne ke baad wo kisi se pyar kr paega

    And nandu was believing her love so much
    Usse lag rh th ki manik jhooth bol rh hai
    He is lying…. Uska pyar kbhi aise sab kuch soch ya bol ni skta but end mai she lost hope

    Manik’s words was hurting her so much
    It was getting so suffocated for her to take breath but still she was being strong and baar baar bol rh th he was lying and my heart was literally breaking so much for her
    I so want to go hug her so tightly 💔💔💔

    I want to punch manik for saying those words but at the same time I want to hug him so tightly because I know he was suffering equally
    Uska dil bhi utna hi takleef mai hai jitna wo nandu ko dard De rh hai maybe usse zada
    He wants to hug her tightly and tell her how much he loves her but he was so so helpless ki wo chaha kar bhi nandu ke liye kuch ni kar Pa rh

    I guess abhi toh nandu ne bola that’s she hates him but I think wo baad mai sochegi ki wo manik ne usse kaha wo sab sach hai ya sirf apne friend ke relationship ko bachne ke liye jhooth bol rh th

    Pta ni akele kaha gy hogi
    Wo toh kisi ke pass bhi ni ja skti apna pain share krna
    Dono hi kisi ke pass ni ja skte apne pain share krne

    They have people who loves them but still they are so lonely in the whole world

    I wish for once wo apni happiness ke bare mai sochta but at the same I also think ki wo apne dost ki life kharab krke kaise apni zindagi ke bare mai sochta
    Pehle hi nandu usse pyar krta hai and wo nandu se but still wo kaise apne dost ka pyar usse le letaa

    Pta ni kab dono ki suffering khatam hogi
    This pain is just increasing day by day for them
    For few moments nandu was so happy but uske baad 💔💔😭😭😭

    Why destiny is being so cruel with them
    Kyu bhagwan unka itna mushkil test le rh hai

    And ye shivansh gosh I can’t even hate him
    Because he is so good wo sab kuch kr rh hai dono ko khush krne ke liye
    Manik ko pain mai dekh kar uska dil kitna dhukhata 
    He is ready to do anything for his happiness
    Toh kaise mai aise insaan se nafrat karu

    Kash shivansh hi bura hota toh shyd ye situation itni buri na hoti
    P. S I am still saying sanyasi bn dete hai shivansh ko prblm hi khatam ho jaegi

    Simi ❤

    1. 😂😂😂😂 yeh last line 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ don’t worry bina iske bhi kam chal jaega😂😂😂. But yaar all three comments made me so happy. I am glad people are loving this story and understanding their p.o.v. Love you simo😍😍😍😍

  9. Uffo this Manik🤦 Never.. Like never he listens to his heart… Ab manao apne Senorita ko.. Stupid…

  10. Seriously saree parts bahut ache hain but mereko samajh nahi aa raha tha main comments kaise karun seriously main phaas gayi thi finally is part main comments ka options tha

  11. I am flabbergasted.. 😖😖😖

    I don’t wanna comment 😭😭 I won’t comment 😭😭 Title se pehle hi bad vibes aa rhi thi nd second Maine late night read kar liya.. Nd phr 3 am papa ke sth TV dekh rhi thi Chandrayan 2 nd phr 5 am bhai ke sth scooty ride par gyi nd again daily routine coaching, return home nd itna bhi nai soyi mai 🤷‍♀😔 nd I’m not in a state to comment Sweetu.. Why u do this??

    Oh my god I am so heartbroken 😫.. I mean it is an Awesome work but devastating yaar !!! Just consoling myself wid one thing, that story is going to have a happy ending.. 🙁
    Please MaNan ka kuch karo😐😐😐

    Such a emotional n painful part and the choice of words u use nd the way of describing is like Awesome.. But please try to unite them soon.. 😐😐

    I felt so bad yaar.. I hate u Sweetu ( Childish)..
    You can do one thing, Write the whole story and then update it..🤭🤭
    I will make sure your story goes to a director and gets adapted to an Indian TV ( Like Housewives n Aunties style… The long ones) 😂😂
    But On A serious note U write so beautiful n really well..

    I don’t know what to write.. Their Love n this Separation is Heart Wrenching.. 😭😭😭

    Ya Allah I feel so bad for Manik but nandini pain is more than manik she is suffering so much.. I am swimming in A Whirlpool of emotions.. I don’t know how u manage to write such Heart touching words 😔😔

    First of at Manik ke sudden behavior se mai bhi upset hu.. Poor nandini was so shocked n heartbroken that she did not even imagine ki manik aisa karega.. She was expected ki manik happy ho jayega.. But sab bekar ho gya 😭😭
    Btw I loved the way jb nandini manik se agreed nai hoti.. Ki vo usse love nai karta..
    Eyes speaks very well.. Nd yha toh heart to heart ka connection hai ☺😐

    Ya Allah.. How can he say like this to nandini.. Shit, why does he have to say such things for which he has to regret later.. This scene reminds me KYY Season 1..Poor Manik so helpless feeling.. That he can’t express his feeling after knowing whole truth ki nandini love him alot..
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