Love Story (Part : 59 Blissful Morning)


Next morning

Last night was pure bliss for Manan. They completed each other last night. This morning would be the new beginning of their life. They were sleeping peacefully in each other arms forgetting about everything. Their naked body was covered with the white duvet partially. Their legs were out of the duvet and they were entangled with each other. They both were having a small blissful smile on their face. Manik was sleeping hugging her tightly close to his heart. Rose petals were scattered around them on the white bedsheets and few were on them also and their clothes were scattered on the floor.

After so many years Nandini had slept peacefully at night. It was the best night of her life. She woke up and she smiled broadly listening to her favourite music which was his heartbeat. His chest had become her favourite pillow from the last night. She was feeling so secure in his arms. She moved a bit and realised that Manik was still inside. Last night she didn’t let him come out from her. Her inner thigh became completely sore because of her stubbornness but still, she was having a broad smile on her face. It was pure bliss for her to feel him inside her.

She looked at him raising her face. She smiled contently seeing him sleeping so adorably like a small baby opening his mouth. She put her hand on his chin and closed his mouth. As she removed her hand, he again opened his mouth making her chuckled softly. Listening to her chuckle, he also woke up. For a few seconds, he kept staring her like he was trying to make himself believe that she was in real. It was his dream to wake up in his angel arms which became reality.

“Good Morning Mr Husband.” She wished him cheerfully and he smiled broadly seeing his angel so happy. He had always wished to see her like this from starting and now he got her that happiness. He healed her broken heart properly with his unconditional love within a month only. This called the magic of true love. True love has the power to conquer all the pain.

“Good Morning my beautiful wifey.” He spoke looking into her eyes and then he kissed her forehead promising her that he would always keep her happy like this. Nandini closed her eyes in response when his lips touched her forehead. Whenever his lips came in contact with her skin, she felt like his lips directly touching her soul.

“Oh, Shit. I am still inside you.” He freaked out and next moment he was out of her. Nandini was completely sore from down. She closed her eyes feeling pain in her inner thigh.

“I told you last night that it will hurt you in the morning but you never listen to me. Why are you so stubborn?” He was scolding her and she was smiling looking at him.

“Now why are you smiling ?” He stopped scolding her and asked confusingly raising his eyebrows.

“Why I will not smile? My husband cares for me so much. I love the way you scold me Manik.” She answered him in the perfect way making him smile too.

“I love you a lot angel.” He confessed his love taking her in his arms. She snuggled in his arms happily and placed a few kisses on his chest where her name was inked.

“Please always be happy like this and never force me to do the things which will hurt you.” He spoke in serious tone holding her face after breaking the hug.

“Who told you that you hurt me. Are you crazy Manik? It is so blissful to feel you inside me. Last night I slept so peacefully after years without those dreadful nightmares. It because of you and you are saying that you hurt me.” She freaked out on him making him quiet for a few seconds. Both were staring into each other silently.

“But I made you sore.” He spoke sadly and she glared him angrily before he could again start saying that he hurt her.

“Okay just leave all this. Let’s just take shower together, I want to make you feel better. You won’t accept that you sore but I know you need some massage.” Manik was not taking advantage of the situation, he really wanted to make his angel feel better. Nandini blinked her eyes and nodded her head slightly in yes agreeing to him. He smiled in response.

“But before that, I want to lie like this in your arms for a few minutes more.” She spoke burying her face in his chest. He smiled in response holding her fragile body carefully in his arms. He kissed her hair making her smile in response. She could spend her whole life is in his protective arms like this. His arms were her real home where she used to feel secure and safe.


On the other hand. Adiya were lying in each other arms. Zoya was in Adi’s shirt. She was happy to get back her carefree Adi back. She was lying on her one side with her eyes closed. Adi was lying behind her, massaging her twins over the fabric of the shirt and nuzzling his face in her neck.

“Adi… I am so happy to get you back.” She turned her face behind to look at him and spoke putting her one hand on his face.

“You brought me back Zoya. You healed my inner wound which was only seen by you. Your love is my strength. I am so lucky to have a wife like you. You are the example of perfection. I love you jaan.” He completed his words and captured her lips for a soft kiss which was filled with love. She kissed him back and ran her fingers in his hair. Adi’s one hand went inside her shirt and started massaging twins. His other hand was rubbing her inner vigorously. They both didn’t come to know when the kiss turned wild, when Zoya came top of him and when he entered inside her.

After their quick morning make-out session, they were lying in each other arms. Zoya head was rested on his chest and she was drawing circles on his chest. Adi was playing with her hair and his other hand was playing with her fingers. They were talking about their marriage and their beautiful first night.

“Let’s take a shower.” Suddenly Adi spoke and Zoya looked at him raising her face.

“Adi not today. I have lots of work. I have to pack our bags, I have to help mom and the biggest work is to handle your stubborn daughter.” Zoya denied and Adi made a sad pout like a small baby. She giggled seeing his cuteness.

“Zoya please..” Adi requested like a three-year-old kid making Zoya giggled more. At last, Zoya agreed to take a quick bath with him and Adi was on cloud nine.


Manan were talking about the last night that how beautiful it was. His one hand was entwined with her hand and his other hand was massaging her sore inner thigh to make her feel better. She was enjoying the magic of his hand there.

“Manik you forget to find your name in my Mehendi last night,” Nandini spoke looking at her hands which were filled with henna.

“Oh shit. How could I forget this? Now show me your both hands fast.” Manik freaked out and Nandini chuckled seeing him. He was looking so adorable. He sat up on the bed and asked her to show her hands. She hugged him from behind after covering her body with the white duvet. Her arms were encircled around his neck and her face was buried in his back. His body started burning with the desire after feeling her hot breath on his back and the way her front body was rubbing his back.

“I love you so much, my adorable hubby.” She whispered coming close to his ear and bit his earlobe making him smile broadly. It was so blissful for him to listen to those three magical words from his angel. Those words were not less any soothing music for him.

“I love you more, my beautiful angel.” He also confessed the love and kissed her both hands gently after holding them and taking them near to his lips.

After a few minutes Nandini was sitting in front of him and the white duvet was wrapped around her body. Manik was sitting holding her both hands and his eyes were finding his name in the henna. Nandini was having a huge smile on her face and her eyes were admiring his handsome face. She felt like to kiss every inch of his face at that time.

“I found it.. I found it.” Manik started shouting like he won Oscar. Nandini giggled seeing him. “So here is my name.” He said putting his finger on her palm. His name was written in smallest size in corner of her palm which was difficult to find but Manik found it. Nandini was just looking at him having smile on her face.

“Now I want my reward.” He said having smirk on his face. Next moment she shocked him by capturing his lips. She kissed his lips softly pouring her all love. Her hands were encircled around his neck. He kissed her back grasping her waist. They both laid down on bed while exploring each other mouths. Nandini was above him. Her knees were on the bed against his waist. His finger were running in her black silky hair. Their morning kiss was passionate and filled with love.


Adiya walked inside the bathroom holding each other hand to take shower together but their destiny was having other plans. They both looked at each other widening their eyes when they heard the sound of knocking of their door. Somebody was continuously knocking the door and they immediately understood who was on the door.

“Here comes our romance breaker.” Zoya chuckled while Adi was looking at her making a sad pout because he wanted to take bath with her.

“Aww Adi don’t be sad. Our daughter gave us a lot of alone time. Next time we will take shower together. Now go and handle her for few minutes. I am just coming after taking quick shower.” Adi nodded his head in yes understanding her words and walked out of the bathroom last time looking at his beautiful wife. She closed the door having smile on her.

“Daddy..” As soon as Adi opened the door , Muskan jumped out from her grandpa arms to her daddy’s arms. She hugged him so tightly wrapping her hands around his neck. Adi looked at his father worriedly seeing his daughter condition. She was sounding scared. Raj blinked his eyes and left from there after last time caressing her hair.

“What happened to daddy’s princess?” Adi asked concernedly caressing her hair. She instantly broke the hug and looked at him making a sad pout.

“Daddy meine ek bhut bad dleam dekha. Mein bhut lo lhi thi , aap ko aur mumma ko bula lhi thi lekin.. lekin aap dono ni aa lhai thai mele pass.(Daddy I saw a bad dream. I was crying a lot and calling you and mumma but you both were not coming to me.)”Muskan stammered while telling her dream to her daddy. Adi was listening to her patiently and his hands were constantly rubbing her back and head.

“Princess It was just a dream , don’t worry.” Adi first closed the door and took her toward bed. He sat down on the edge of bed holding her in his arms and then he spoke putting his hand on her face.

“Mein bhut dar gya tha. (I got scared a lot.)” She spoke sadly and cutely resting her head on his chest. Adi smiled caressing her hair.

“Daddy and Mumma are always with you princess. You don’t need to be get scared from these bad dreams. Aren’t you my strong princess?” Adi asked and she instantly nodded her head after looking at him. Adi kissed her forehead cubbing her face.

“But where is mumma , daddy ?” She asked when Adi was tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Mumma is just coming Musu.” Adi opened his mouth to answer her question but before that they both heard Zoya’s voice from the bathroom. Adi smiled on knowing that Zoya was listening their conversation while taking bath.

“Until your mumma is not coming. Let’s just spend some daddy and daughter time.” Adi said laying her down on the bed and next moment he started tickling her after coming above her. Muskan was laughing crazily under him kicking her legs and moving her arms in the air.


Manik walked inside the bathroom holding Nandini’s in his arms. He was only in lower and his upper body was naked. Only the white duvet was wrapped around her body. Both were staring into each other eyes lovingly. They were silent but their eyes were talking at that moment.

“Let’s take our first shower together.” Manik made her stand on the floor and spoke winking at her. She blushed looking down. Suddenly he pulled her toward himself grabbing her waist making her looked at him widening her eyes.

“I love the way you blush angel.” He said huskily coming close to her ear while his face was rubbing against her face. She closed her eyes in response resting her hands on his bare chest.

As soon as his hands removed the duvet from her body, she hugged him tightly getting shy. Manik chuckled softly hugging her naked body tightly in his arms after throwing the duvet in some corner of the bathroom. He tried to break the hug but she didn’t let him do that. She was snuggling in his arms more and more. He smirked and turned on the shower. They were standing just under the shower. The cold water started making them drench.

“Angel if you are not comfortable. We can take the shower together some other day.” Manik whispered in her ear being a gentleman. Listening to his words Nandini instantly broke the hug and nodded her head in no. Manik eyes were looking at her face which became completely wet.

“I am comfortable with you. It’s just that I feel little shy to stand naked in front you,” she confessed and again looked down getting shy. Manik smiled listening to her words which were filled with innocence. Then his eyes moved down from her face and he became hard within a few seconds seeing her wet body. Her body was so attractive and beautiful. Under the shower, her body was looking breathtaking. The love bites which he had given on her body last night, they were looking so beautiful. Nandini’s eyes were admiring his wet chest and perfect six packs abs. Both of their body was burning with the desire when they admiring each other in the shower.

Manik wanted to make love with her under the shower at that moment but he couldn’t because he knew that she had already become so sore. After all, he was inside her whole night. He composed himself and picked up the bottle of body wash. He poured the liquid on his palm from the bottle and then kept back the bottle.

“Now it’s time to make you feel better angel.” He spoke coming close to her and their eyes were looking at each other. He was captivated by her beauty. Her wet lips were asking him to kiss her hard. He couldn’t able to stop himself more and captured her lips while his hands started rubbing her twins with the body soap. Nandini’s hands automatically encircled around his neck and they both deepened the kiss. They were sucking all the water from each other lips. His one hand reached on her inner thigh after rubbing her belly and waist. Her breath got stuck in her throat when his hand cupped her inner thigh. He started rubbing her down with his thumb making her go crazy. His other hand was rubbing the soap on her back. The cold water was falling on them but still, their bodies were burning with the desire.

He kissed her lips hardly grabbing her both the hips. He squeezed them together making her moan inside his mouth. He broke the kiss and both stared into each other eyes breathing heavily. After a few seconds, only he attacked toward her neck. She threw her head back and arched her back to give him complete access to him. He was sucking all the water from her neck. His touch was driving her crazy. She was running her fingers in his wet hair. His one hand was massaging her one of her twins and other hand was massaging her throbbing inner thigh.

Her hands went down and started pulling down his lower. She pulled down his lower till his knees freeing his large and hard membrane. She held it with her both hands and started rubbing it. He moaned and his hand started rubbing her inner thigh vigorously making her go crazy. Both were driving each other crazy under the shower. The cold water which was falling on them, it was doing nothing except increasing their desire more. He pinned her both hands on the wall above her head and just about to enter inside her throbbing core but he stopped himself. Nandini’s eyes were closed and she was waiting for him to capture her lips and entered inside her. Nandini opened her eyes instantly when his hands left her hands.

“Damn Nandini you are irresistible. But we need to stop here. You are already so sore.” He whispered cupping her face and she was just staring him silently. Her eyes were pleading him to don’t stop. She needed him badly at that time and she knew that he too needed her.

“Manik please don’t stop. I am completely fine. Please… I want to feel you inside me.” She pleaded him pulling him toward herself holding his arms. It was enough for Manik. Already it was getting so difficult to resist her alluring body and her words increased his desire more.

He again pinned her hands above her head and capturing her lips, he entered inside her in one go and directly hit her G spot. He gave her time to adjust his size and after a few minutes, he started moving slowly inside her. He was kissing her lips passionately. He was suppressing her screams through the kiss. His hands left her hands and she immediately started moving her hands in his wet hair. He increased the speed and thrust inside her deeper wrapping her one leg around his hip. The temperature of the bathroom was getting hot with their hotness. They both never thought that making love under the shower can be so passionate and at the same time it can be heavily blissful.


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