Love Or Sin (Part : 12 It Hurts a lot)


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”I’m sorry, Shivansh. I am sorry.” Manik was crying and murmuring these words in sleep. Tears were trickling down his cheeks.

Nandini was staring at him in shock with wide-open eyes. Her face was only a few inches away from him. Her heart was aching painfully seeing him in pain. She wanted to take away his all pain and wanted to fill his life with happiness. She pursed her lips to control her sobs, but tears rolled down her cheeks automatically. It hurts like hell to see the person in pain whom you love so much.

She was confused that why he was apologising from Shivansh in sleep. But at that time, the more important thing for her was to calm him down and to make him feel better. She couldn’t leave him crying in pain for the whole night.

She took her shivering hand near to his forehead and caressed his forehead lovingly. She placed her other hand on his face and wiped his tears with thumb. She was also shedding tears, gazing at him with sorrowful eyes. Her heart and soul was crying seeing him in pain. It was hurting her a lot. She was feeling like somebody was stabbing the knife into her heart.

He stopped crying in sleep because of the effect of her touch. She was gently stroking his forehead and cheek. She was gazing at him constantly without even blinking her eyes. She badly wanted to know the pain which he was hiding from everybody. She badly wanted to heal him with her love. She wanted to see him happy from inside. A faint smile flashed on her face as he stopped crying.

“I love you so much. Now only your happiness matters to me. I know you can’t be mine but still, I can’t stop my heart from loving you. Her heart wanted to see you happy. From now my motive of life is to bring happiness in your life. What is right, What is wrong, I just don’t want to think about anything right now. I just only want one thing that your happiness. Is… Is it wrong to bring happiness in the life of the person whom you love? No, it is not wrong.”

She murmured, cupping his face while crying. Her heart was crying because she couldn’t get her love, she couldn’t express her love, she couldn’t love him and she couldn’t run away from this love. Every single second her mind thought about him.

As she placed a soft kiss on his forehead, in response he smiled slightly in sleep with the touch of her lips. She promised him with the kiss that she would take away his all pain and bring happiness in his life. She gazed at him for a minute with so much love in her eyes for him. After that, she kissed his both eyelids. A blissful smile touched his lips as her soft lips touched his skin.

“I love you so much, Manik.” She whispered against his lips, her intense gaze was fixed at his eyes. She tried to control herself but couldn’t stop herself from pecking his lips. She knew it was wrong, it was a sin but nothing was in her hand. As her lips brushed against his lips, she felt like his lips touched her soul. The feeling was heavenly beautiful for her. She had never felt so good in her life before.

After kissing his lips, she again murmured I love you against his lips, gazing at him intensely. Manik was now sleeping peacefully because of her. It was the magic of her touch and kisses which took away his all pain and gave him comfort.

She immediately stood straight and wiped off her tears with the back of her hands as she heard the sound of the opening of the door. She looked at the door and found Shivansh stepping into the room.

“You didn’t sleep yet ?” He asked, strolling to her.

Nandini was looking at him, having fear in her eyes.

If he had seen her so close to Manik, what would have happened? She wondered, breathing heavily because of the fear.

“Is everything alright? You are looking scared?”He asked concernedly, cupping her face. She closed her eyes dejectedly because she was cheating him. She was cheating the person who loved her so much.

“Actually… I saw a bad dream and I got up to drink water.” She lied to him and felt guilty.

“You should have gone home. But you never listen to me.” He scolded her because he cared for her. Nandini was just gazing down. Because of the guilt, she couldn’t meet her eyes with him.

“Now I will make you sleep. Come,” as he clasped her hand, she instantly looked up at him and found him smiling at her. She gave him a small smile in response.

He led her to the bed, holding her hand. Through his eyes, he asked her to lie down on the bed. She nodded her head at him and lay down. He covered her with the comforter. She was gazing at him, having guilt in her eyes when he was covering her with the blanket. Her heart was crying seeing how much he loved her and she was cheating him and she was going to break his heart in future by telling him that she never loved him.

He sat down on the floor beside her bed and caressed her forehead to make her sleep.

“Shivansh, I will sleep. You should also sleep.” As She asked him to sleep, he shushed her by putting his finger over her lips.

“First you sleep then I will sleep. Now close your eyes.” He spoke sternly, and he was still caressing her forehead. She closed her eyes and controlled her tears from coming out. The guilt was killing her and breaking her heart.

He loved her, she loved Manik and she didn’t know whom Manik loved. But she was sure that Manik would never love her because she was his best friend’s wife. She had no idea that Manik also loved her a lot.


Manik woke up early in the morning because of the dry throat. He was coughing badly. He needed water but he couldn’t even move because of the pain. He tried to pick up the glass of water by stretching his arm, constantly coughing.

Nandini also woke up and she hastily climbed down from the bed as she found him struggling to pick up the glass. She rushed to help him immediately.

“Manik, you could have waked me up. You are not in a state to move even. Your wounds are fresh.” Nandini chided him while laying him down properly on the bed and she put his hand carefully on the bed beside him. She poured the water from the jug to glass. First, she slid her hand under his head and then she raised his head and from her other hand, she made him drink the water.

He was just gazing at her without even blinking his eyes. Her acts were vividly showing him how much she loved him and cared for him. His heart was happy seeing her love for him. A small smile spread across his face seeing her love and care. He was falling in love with her more and more.

“Feeling better now ?” She asked after keeping his head back on the pillow carefully. He just nodded his head slightly in response. Then they passed each other a small smile.

“So do you need something ?” Nandini asked after a few minutes of silence. He just nodded his head in no. Nandini smiled faintly and strolled to the bed, facing her back to him.

“Yes, I don’t need anything. I just only need your love, Nandini. I need your love.” He wanted to shout loudly and tell her that he needed her but nothing was coming out from his mouth. He was just gazing at her silently and a lone tear trickled down his cheek.

Nandini turned her face to look at him because she could feel that he was crying. He immediately turned his face on another side to hide his tears from her. This called the connection of the heart. Their heart was connected. If one cries, other could feel the pain.

“What I should do, Nandini? Your love is making me weaker. Your love is forcing me to accept you. Seeing how much you love me, It is getting more difficult for me to control my growing feeling.” Manik thought while tears were continuously falling from his eyes. Nandini was also crying looking at him. She could feel that he was crying.

“But how could I accept our love, Nandini. I can’t hurt, Shivansh. I can’t see his pain. He loves you a lot. I am the one who came in between you both. I am the culprit. I snatched his love, his wife from him. What kind of friend I am? I snatched the happiness of my friend. I don’t deserve you, Nandini. I don’t deserve to be loved. I don’t deserve to be happy. I deserve only pain for ruining my friend’s marriage.” He cried badly thinking this. His heart and soul was crying because he betrayed his friend. He ruined his life. He snatched his wife from him.

He wanted to run away. He had even tried but he failed. Now he was not in a state to run even. He had to face the truth and the complicated situation. He had to go through all the pain and suffering of pushing the girl away from him who loved him and whom he loved.

Nandini lay down on the bed, facing her back to him. She cried silently burying her face in the pillow and clutched the pillow tightly. Manik was now gazing at her dejectedly and his eyes were filled with tears.

“Manik.” After a few minutes, Nandini composed herself and called him after turning on the side where Manik was lying. Manik who was lying closing eyes, he instantly opened his eyes as she called him. Now both were looking into each other eyes. Next moment only, they both looked away.

“Manik, I know that for you I am just a wife of your friend.” As she spoke, he widened his eyes in shock.

“Is she going to confess her love ?” He wondered because her words were hinting this only.

“No, Nandin,i no, Please don’t confess your love.” He prayed because he knew that her confession would only increase his problem more and would make things more difficult for him. He would have to lie that he didn’t love her. He could hide the truth from her, but it would be more difficult for him to lie.

“But I want to become your friend. I know something is troubling you. There is something which you can’t even share with Shivansh, I know.” Manik was just staring at her blankly.

She paused for a moment and then continued after composing herself. “You can share your problem with me. Sharing your problem will lessen your pain and stress. Keeping the problem inside you, it will do nothing, it will only burn your heart. So you can share with me. I promise you that I won’t tell about this to Shivansh and don’t worry I won’t judge you.” She was trying her best to convince him not knowing that he couldn’t share his problem with her too because the reason of her problem was her.

“Nobody is happy seeing you in pain, Manik. I want to see you happy, I mean everyone wants to see you happy. Please try to share…” she continued speaking and her words were cut down by the doctor who just walked inside. Shivansh also stepped inside, following the doctor.

“How are you feeling, Manik?” Doctor asked after standing beside him.

“Better.” He replied him in low voice. Then he shifted his gaze to Shivansh who was looking at him worriedly. It was written on his face that he hadn’t slept the whole night. His red eyes were showing him that he had cried the whole night for him.

“Shivansh, don’t worry. I am fine now.” He reassured him, holding his hand. Shivansh gave him a small smile in response and Manik blinked his eyes.

Nandini was cursing her fate lying on the bed. She had finally gathered to ask Manik about his problem but she failed.

She composed herself by taking a deep breath and got up from the bed. She sauntered to them and stood beside Shivansh. Shivansh and Nandini passed each other a small smile. Manik didn’t look at her and Nandini was only gazing at him. Then Doctor sent Shivansh and Nandini out of the room because he had to check Manik.

They walked out of the room and she widened her eyes in shock as Shivansh’s uttered, “I know, what you are doing behind my back, Nandini.” She felt like her heart stopped beating for a moment.

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49 thoughts on “Love Or Sin (Part : 12 It Hurts a lot)

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    Some or the other day shivansh will get to know the matter I hope everything will fall into place
    Even shivansh is breaking he is a very true friend I can say ♥️♥️
    And the last part is I strongly think ki shivansh was talking about the friendship conversation between Manan (hope so)

  2. I know shivansh nandini ka manik k sth friendship ka baatein hi suna hoga.. 🙂 Ya nahi to kuch aur jisse shivansh jealous hai. But saach nahi jana I know.. 🙂
    Superb update.. But I think short 1..😂

  3. Oh so he was apologizing to shivansh.. 😐 Writer ji aap bht sheyana ho.. 😂 😂 Cliffhangers game khel rhi ho.. 😂 😂

  4. Emotional update…Manik Nandini shivansh they are in so much pain specially manan.. Manan ki koi galati nhi q ki pyar kab kaice aur kisse ho jaye kisiko pata nhi we can’t control our feelings … Manan bohot guilt me hain aur fear v shivansh ko sach pata chalega tho kya hoga? Shivansh k liye v bura lag raha hain but koyi kuch nhi kar sakta… Jo hona tha woh tho ho geya pyar manan ko… Just love this story

  5. Koi bhi cheese agar woh dard deti ho na aur agar woh dard bewajah ho toh use kabhi kisi k yaa kisi cheese k daar se chupana nahin chahiye kyun ki isse sirf zindigiyan barbaad hoti hain aur kuch nahin .aur agar pyaar ko muqambal karni ho toh bas ek cheese karni siwae kisi cheese yaa kisi ki parwa kiye bina ek bar bas bolne ki zarurat hain kyunki insan ki niyat aur pyaar agar sachcha ho toh khuda hi unka madadgar hain.
    Waiting for the next part eagerly hope for the best only.kyunki bina hurdles k koi bhi success success nahin hota aur koi bhi rishta pura nahin hota

      1. Daily everyday you are nailing it baby @mehaklovely ❤❤❤❤u all the best for ur future

  6. I know nandu was scared but shivanash was so cute and very understanding beacause he thinks that nandu is asking about his problem not anything else

  7. ,😢😢😢😢😢painfull update but love ur writing so much
    Waiting for the next update
    May be shivansh thought tha nandini is talking to manik to know his pain i guess

  8. Mehku u know what this is so fucking painful.
    And you are making it more painful with each update of yours..
    And this time I’m seriously speechless..
    I can’t even imagine in how much pain my MaNan are.. just because they’ve fallen in love each other.. their love is not wrong.. love can never be wrong.. love is the most purest emotion it just happens in a fraction of second.. but here the only thing wrong is their timing.. the situation amidst which they are..
    That night scene when manik was murmuring in sleep that was so painful nandini couldn’t see him in so much pain and she took the right decision that is to heal manik and i know nandini will heal him.. I’m happpy for this but at the same time it upsets me because she doesn’t even knows that she is his happiness and this sadness this pain which he is going through and it’s only her presence her love which can take away all his sadness..
    And manik i feel so bad for him since childhood he never got any happiness he never loved any girl so deeply but now when he loves he can’t have her.. for him it’s a sin but it is not to fall in love can never be a sin.. how can falling in love can be a sin.. it will hurt shivansh because the 2 most important persons in his life will betray him in a way but shivansh also doesn’t deserves this relationship where nandini will never love him where it’s only him who loves her.. shivansh deserves a relationship where he will get love equally as much he loves that girl..
    This is wrong but it’s not right either.. just to protect one person from being hurt 3 of them will suffer..
    None of them deserves this..
    This update was way much painful and you’re writing it so beautufully that i don’t have words to describe.. ❤

    1. Thank you so much Shivi baby. I am happy that you are liking this story❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😊😊😊. Love you alot❤️

  9. Ahhh It’s is very Painful I’m crying 😭😭

    This is so much fucking emotional Man..
    Mai manik ko aise pain me nai dekh skti
    Why it’s really hard to seeing them.. Manik nind me bhi deep pain me hai.. N nandu usse pain me dekh hi nai skti n vo apne tears ko rok hi nai skti manik ko pain me dekh kar 😭

    It is going to be long struggles.. They have a long way to go.. Nandu i can’t see u like this.. Ufff that was not fair of nandini.. Manik n nandini Apne pyar me bhut aage aa gye hai.. Yha se backout dono ke liye Possible nai hai.. Nandini manik se deeply n madly love karne lagi hai n usse other things matter nai karti but manik apne frnd ko cheat kbhi nai karega n nandini bhi apne husband ko kbhi betray nai karegi 😓😓

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    She desperately wanted to consoling manik n lips pecking scene so soothing.. Manik ke face se sari prblm chali gyi thi..

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    Seriously shivansh don’t deserve this pain…. Nd jitna shivansh nai deserve karta utna manik n nandini bhi deserve nai krte.. No one deserve Yar 😟

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    Nd last scene I’m not amazed shivansh ne aisa kuch nai suna hoga n I’m pretty sure yeah usne friends n sharing pain ka suna hoga.. Nd itni jaldi toh pta chalega nai..

    Just Quite a long update ❤
    This story is always keeping me on the edge..
    Awesome chapter.. The Haywire of emotions was wonderfully Portrayed..Hats off to u ❤
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    1. Part toh chotu tha.. par tumhra comment itna big tha ki mein kya bolu. I am so happy that you people are liking this story so much and you are getting connected to this story. Your comment is satisfying yaar. Thank you so much and love you a lot meri gudiya❤️🥰😍❤️🥰. Best comment 🥰❤️😍

  10. actually it is hurting a lot 😭 can’t able to bear their pain 😖

  11. Holy moly another amazing update. nandini then also confessed her love for Manik even in his unconscious stage. But Manik can’t even do that. The more he see her love for him the pain is incresing 10 folds. Shivansh is a sole string between them but what a fate the same string is a big gap in their love. i don’t know when they will meet but this string Shivansh should be there till end .

      1. You are putting in so much of effort to this emotional story.
        Sometimes it feels that what will be shivansh’s reaction when he will come to know the truth. Will he become upset with both Nandini and Manik. I have a feeling that he might had guessed about it.

  12. It is painful to see both suffering so much……..hope this suffering ends soon

  13. It’s hard for both mnk n nan but is it really their fault
    Did shivansh get to know abt nan feelings

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    This is getting so hard seeing them suffering for each other….its is so painful yr 😢😢😢

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    Nandu was asking him to share her problems and pain with him but usse kya pta manik chaha kar bhi usse apna share ni karta
    He wants to share it but he is so helpless ki wo ni share kar skta

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    They have so much pain in themself that they want to share it with someone but koi hai hi ni jisse wo bol ske that its killing them
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    Shivansh is such a good friend
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    But wo kuch ni kar pa rh

    Everyone is so helpless right …..they want to help but they cant do anything

    And i think shivansh ne sunn liya hoga jab nandu manik ko bol rh hogi u can share ur pain with me
    Pkka uss baare mai hi baat kar RH hoga end mai
    He is really a sweet person

    And mostly importantly hats off to u yr
    Ur this story is making me fall in love with u more and more
    The way u r portraying their feeling and emotions is phenomenal
    U r really a beautiful and mesmerizing writer yr

    Lots and lots of love
    Simran ❤❤❤

    1. 😭😭😭😭 your comment is love simo like always it encourage me to write more. I am glad you are liking this story. I am happy. Thanx a lot baby. Love you a lot ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😘😍😍😍😍

  15. It’s gonna be painful for manan,, I’m started hating shivansh,, I know it’s not his fault,, but as a husband didn’t he ever noticed that nandini don’t love him the way a wife does to her husband,,, is he blind or what???😒 if he thinks love happens after marriage, that’s true but it had been more than a year for their marriage to bloomed it,, it was always a friendly love from nandini,, doesn’t he even differentiate between the way of a wife’s love & friends love 😒??????
    Sorry sweety if U feel offended by this, but that’s what I think about this shivansh character…… Hope manan get their way to each other,,…..

    1. Don’t judge his character so soon darling. Just wait and read. There are so many things which will reveal. But I am glad that you shared your P.O.V. With me 😊.

  16. Its awesome update the pain of love and pain of betraying his frnd and her husband was so much.we could feel the pain by reading it bcoz of our amazing writer thanks writer ..

    As always couldn’t predict anything .i dont know why but i feel shivansh dont deserve this he love her so much .he deserve to know truth and move on..

    Lots of love .take care

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