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Is it Sin to fall in love after marriage with another man ?

Yes , it is a big crime. After marriage, a wife’s duty is to be with her husband only , if she loves him or not that doesn’t matter. She has to be with him. Falling in love with another man is not less than a big sin for her.  In the eyes of society, it is a crime.

In my case also it was crime. I never cared about society that what they would think about me after knowing  that I was in love with my husband’s friend. But I always cared about Shivansh because he had never given any reason to not love him. He was a perfect man. He was caring , loving and romantic. I thought that one day I would surely fall in love with him. I tried a lot but it never happened. Instead of falling in love with my husband, I started falling in love with his friend.

When Shivansh introduced Manik with me that time i never thought one day I would start loving that person crazily. But that night , the hug changed everything. I hugged Manik , thinking that he was my husband. I was so happy to find peace and comfort in his arms after one year of our marriage. But I was completely shocked when I came to know that I felt secured and felt like home in the arms of Manik. Now the question was why ? Why this happened?

Things started getting changed from that day. I was finding the answer of my question and It was getting difficult for me to face him and control my feelings in front of him. Whenever he used to be around me , I used to feel like my heart would get explode any moment. I tried to be normal  but it was really difficult. He was doing something to me. I was attracting toward him like a magnet. I was losing control on my mind and heart. Day by day things were becoming more difficult. His presence was killing me. I won’t lie , I wanted to be with him badly. I wanted to feel safe in his arms.

I was feeling suffocation in my own husband arms and this killed me. The guilt was killing me from inside. I wanted to tell everything to Shivansh because he didn’t deserve me , he deserved better than me. He deserved somebody who would love him the way he used to love me. But I didn’t want to break his heart. What was his fault? Loving me , was his mistake ?

Nobody was there with whom I could share that what I was going through. I wanted someone to show me the right path. Deep Inside from starting I knew that I was in love with him. I was running away from my feelings but my feelings never stopped chasing me. I tried to run but I always found him more close to my heart. My mind never stopped thinking about him all the day and night. It was crazy , it was wrong but nothing was in my control.

Two weeks passed away with the feeling of guilt and finding happiness in looking at Manik from far away.  I accepted the fact that he was not made for me  but I was trying to find my happiness in small small things.  His smile used to give peace to my heart. Our small conversations used to make my heart happy. I used to feel alive when our hands used to get touched with each other by mistake. I knew that this was wrong , this was completely wrong but heart and my mind were not in my control.


I was falling in love with a girl. Is it wrong to fall in love ?

No , it is not wrong to fall in love.

But then why it became sin if that girl is married ? Is heart ask you before falling in love that girl is married or not ?

No , our heart doesn’t ask anything before falling in love. So then why it is crime ?

It was a sin  because I was falling for a girl who was married to my best friend. In simple words I was falling for a girl who was never made for me. Her soul , her body and her heart belonged to somebody else. I was having no right on her. Seeing her with somebody else everyday , I was feeling like somebody was hammering my heart constantly. It was hurting a lot. One side  guilt of falling for my best friends was killing me and other side pain of not getting what i needed was breaking me from inside.

It said that time makes you forget every pain but the truth is that we get habitual of pain with time. Same was happening with me , time was teaching me to control my feelings toward Nandini. My feelings for her was increasing. Her beautiful smile on her angelic face was a pure bliss. I could stare her smiling face  till infinity. For the first time in my life , I found something more beautiful than stars. But it hurt.. it hurt badly because that star was not mine , she was somebody else star.


In these two weeks both were doing great in pretending that they have no feelings for each other. They used to talk to each other normally and used to find happiness in each other from far away. Their love was growing with each passing day. They knew that they are in love but not wanted to accept it because this love was a sin in their eyes. They both were having no idea that their feelings were mutual. Manik was having no idea that Nandini was also falling in love with him and even Nandini was also having no idea that Manik also feels same for her. Both were unaware about each other feelings.

Now they were not running from their feelings, they accepted their feelings and trying to live with it because they were not left with any other choice. They tried to run but nothing happened. So  they found the better way to accept their feelings and live with it.

Nandini reached Shivansh’s office , preparing lunch for him. She was still trying her best to be a good and responsible wife. She thought , if she couldn’t control her feelings toward Manik but at least she could try to be responsible wife.

She was looking beautiful in black maxi dress and her hair were tied up in a messy bun. She opened the door of his cabin from one hand , holding the handle and from other she was holding her hand bag. As she opened the door , her eyes fell on Manik who was sitting on the couch which was kept in corner of cabin. Nandini’s heartbeat became fast , seeing him. A smile spread all over her face when she saw him laughing freely and happily talking to someone on phone. His happiness gave peace to her heart. She always found him stressed and lost , and in his eyes she always found pain but today after seeing him happy , she was also happy.

She was having no idea about his pain. She didn’t know that the pain from which she was going through , he was also going through the pain . Pain of not getting her and  seeing her everyday in the arms of somebody’s else. Both were going to the same pain. Pain of not getting what they needed the most in their life. They were forbidden for each other but knowing this fact also , their heart was not stopping beating for each other. Unknowingly they were coming close and becoming the reason of each other breath.

Nandini was standing on the doorstep, clutching the handle of door and her eyes were staring him , having a constant smile on her face. She came on the earth back when Shivansh held her waist from behind.

“It is so good to see my beautiful wife in my office today.” Shivansh whispered, coming close to her ear and his hands clutched her waist. After completing his words, he placed a kiss on her cheeks.

Manik looked at them for few seconds and he felt a sharp in his heart. But he was having no other option except ignoring them. Nandini didn’t know why she used to feel more uncomfortable when Shivansh used to come close to her in front of Manik. Her heart used to cry because she couldn’t do anything. She didn’t want to hurt the person like Shivansh who was gem , most importantly who was her loving and perfect husband. Nandini controlled her emotions by gripping her handbag tightly and from other hand she clutched the handle. She pursed her lips to control her cries.

“Shivansh , I have brought lunch for you. Today I got an off from NGO , so I thought why not I should prepare lunch for my husband.” She composed herself and said after turning toward him. She was pretending from past one year that she is happy and now she became perfect in pretending that she is happy. That’s why nobody could guess that what was really going in her heart. Even Manik also used to think that she was happy with Shivansh.

“Thank you so much Nandini. But I have an important meeting and I have to leave now. I am sorry.” Shivansh said  , cupping her face and his voice and his eyes were filled with guilt. Nandini just gave him small smile said politely” it’s okay.”

“Nandini , you make Manik eat the lunch.” He said , pointing his hand toward Manik. Manan looked at each other and passed each other a small smile and that small smile was enough to make their heart go crazy.

“Guys now I have to go. Bye Manik.” Shivansh said to Manik and Manik just smiled in response.

“Bye wifey..” he said and left the cabin after placing a kiss on Nandini’s cheeks. Now Manan were left alone in his cabin. Manik heart was beating fast when Nandini was walking toward him , taking slow step. He could hear his heartbeat. Nandini was looking at him and Manik was looking everywhere except her.

“Manik , do you want to eat now ?”she asked in low voice , standing in front of him. Manik looked at her and just nodded his head in yes meekly. Then he again started looking somewhere else. Nandini sat on her knees in front of table. She took out lunch box from the bag and started transferring the food from the lunch to the plate. When Nandini was busy doing her work , Manik got chance to admire her beauty secretly. He wanted to kiss every inch of her beautiful face. He wanted to rub his nose with her. He wanted pulled her chubby cheeks. Her hair which were coming on her face and disturbing her , he wanted to tuck them behind her ear. He wanted to whisper naughty things in her ears and after that he wanted to bite her earlobe, making her moan softly. He wanted to open her hair and then he wanted to nuzzle his face in them and he also wanted to inhale the fragrance of her hair. He wanted to do many things at that moment but he could do nothing except staring her.

“You can start eating it.” Nandini said , looking at him and he came on her earth back , listening her words. Both looked into each other eyes for few seconds and then Manik looked down in the plate which was filled with his favourite Rajma and Rice made by the girl who was sitting in front of him. It was looking so delicious to him.

“Will you not eat ?” Manik asked again , looking at her who was busy closing the lunchbox. She instantly nodded her head in no , looking at him. Then his eyes saw what he didn’t want to see. His eyes fell on her cleavage which was clearly visible to him  because at that moment, she was sitting , bending forward.

“No.. Manik. Don’t look there.” He shut his eyes tightly and clutched his hands to control himself from not looking there and his mind was constantly saying him to don’t look there but her heart was making her think about her cleavage where he wanted to kiss and bite.

“Manik what happened?” Nandini looked at Manik confusingly and then she asked , bringing him back on the earth. He instantly looked at her face after opening his eyes. She raised her eyebrows, asking him in gesture that what happened to him. Manik shook his head in sideway and started eating without looking her. Nandini got up from floor confusingly.

She bit him bye and started walking toward the door. She opened the door and turned his face behind to look at him for the last time before going. She smiled , seeing him because he was eating like a two year old kid , licking his fingers and lower lip , she found him so adorable. She walked out from the cabin with a broad smile , thinking about him.


It was night time , Manik was working on laptop , sitting in his Cabin.

“Manik.. Come on get up. We are going.” Cabir stormed into Manik’s Cabin. He gave confusing looks to Cabir.

“We are going to pub. I called Shivansh and Mukti , they are also coming and your are also going with me.” Cabir said strictly because he was pissed off from Manik because he was cancelling the plans from past few days.

“Okay relax , I am ready to go with you. Even  I was also thinking to call you guys.” Manik got up from his chair and walked toward him. He said , holding his shoulders.

“You were thinking to call us , right?” Cabir asked , looking at him doubtfully and Manik nodded his head meekly.

“By the way when you were planning to call us ? Next year right?” Cabir asked and Manik immediately nodded his head in no.

“Now let’s go.” Cabir said , encircling his hand around his neck and then they both walked out from the cabin together.


All four of them were having fun together after a long time. Mukti and Manik were sitting at bar counter , holding the glass of red wine. Cabir was standing, putting his one hand on his shoulder and from other hand , he was holding the glass of vodka. Shivansh was standing beside Mukti , resting his both elbow on the counter. He didn’t like to drink. Before Manik was also in Shivansh’s category but now Manik couldn’t even survive a single day without alcohol and the reason was Nandini. Manik was trying his best to pretend in front of everyone that everything was fine but still his friends could clearly see that something was wrong with Manik.

“Come on guys let’s rock the dance the floor.” Cabir said  , patting Manik’s shoulder.

“Yes let’s go.” Mukti said like a over excited kid , jumping down from the chair.

“You know that I don’t like to dance. You all go.” Manik take a sip of red wine and said , looking at Mukti and Cabir. They both made puppy faces to convince Manik but Manik was busy drinking his red wine. They both looked at Shivansh.

“You both go. Manik and me , we both will join you in few minutes.” Shivansh blinked his eyes , looking at Mukbir and then said. He sat on the chair beside Manik where mukti was sitting few minutes ago. They both left , nodding their head sadly.

“Manik Is it girl matter?” Shivansh took a deep breath and asked , looking at Manik. Manik eyes shot up in a shock when Shivansh asked this question from him.

“What.. what are you saying Shivansh?” Manik stammered and gulped down the half glass of red wine in one go , closing his eyes. Seeing Manik’s reaction , Shivansh became sure that it was really a girl matter.

“Let’s go to the dance floor or else Cabir and Mukti will not leave me this time.” Manik said , getting up from the chair because he wanted to avoid Shivansh’s questions and Shivansh could clearly see this. Shivansh nodded his head in yes, getting up from chair. Then they went to dance floor.

Cabir wanted to dance with the hot girls but being a protective brother , he didn’t want his sister to dance with any stranger. That’s why he was dancing with Mukti but his eyes were checking out the hot girls who were dancing around him. A broad smile spread all over his face , seeing Manik and Shivansh who were approaching toward them.

“Look who is here ? Our hero is here.” Mukti said happily, hugging Manik. He hugged her back , having small smile on his face. Shivansh smiled , looking at them.

“Now you both protect my sister because hot girls are waiting for me.” Cabir said excitedly and went from there to dance with the group of hot girls. All three of them shook their head , seeing him.

“He will never get changed.” Manik said , looking at Cabir who was dancing with hot girls.

“One day.. he will also get changed. Everyone get changed one day.” Shivansh spoke sadly , looking at Manik. Indirectly he was pointing his finger toward Manik. He made the atmosphere serious. Manik first looked at Shivansh sadly and then looked down on the floor in guilt.

“Let’s dance guyz..” Mukti shouted loudly to change the atmosphere which was getting serious. She started to dance , moving her hands in the air. Shivansh and Manik smiled , looking at her. Then they both also started to dance.

When Manik was lost in dancing crazily , forgetting everything. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and got shocked to find Nandini in front of his eyes. She was looking breathtaking beautiful in red Medi to him. He couldn’t able to take off his eyes from her. She held his hand and started to take him in the middle of dance floor. Manik was just staring at her and walking behind her.

Mukti and Shivansh were looking at him with wide open eyes because before also many girls used to approach to Manik for dance but Manik used to denied them politely always. But for the first time he went to dance with a random girl. They were having no idea , their friend was imagining love of his life in that girl.

The girl started dancing, encircling her arms around his neck. Manik pulled her toward himself, grabbing her waist. He danced , rubbing his body with with her. He was out of his senses. His mind was imagining Nandini in front of his eyes. It was half effect of alcohol and the half effect of Nandini’s magic which was making him crazy. He turned around the girl and wrapped his one hand around her stomach from behind. Then he danced , rubbing his front with her back and he was nuzzling his face in her hair. He wanted to hold Nandini badly like this and he was happy with his imagination.

Manik again turned around the girl and pulled her toward himself, holding her waist. The girl started to come close to his lips and Manik too.


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