Love Or Sin (Part : 5 Burning All the Feelings)


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Nandini was trying to concentrate her mind in writing, sitting at study table but after the hug, her mind was thinking nothing except that peaceful hug. She was sitting, holding her head and her both elbows were rested on the table. Her eyes were closed and she was looking so stressed. She was getting frustrated because she didn’t want to think about the other man except his husband. Because she herself knew that it is completely wrong. Finding comfort and peace in the arms of your husband’s friend, it is completely wrong.

That time only Shivansh stepped inside the room. Finding her lost, he reached toward her, taking slow steps without making any noise.

“Bu….” Shivansh stood behind her and shouted, leaning down. Nandini jumped out of the chair , screaming loudly. On which Shivansh laughed loudly.

“You literally scared me Shivansh. That’s really bad.” She sighed, seeing him and said angrily. Next moment he took her in his arms, saying sorry.

As he hugged her , her mind again started thinking about that hug because she felt nothing in her husband’s arms. The comfort and peace , she found in Manik’s arms, it was not there in her husband’s arms. She hugged him  tightly in hope to get that comfort and peace in her husband’s arms but nothing happened, she felt nothing. This broke her heart from inside and few drops of tear automatically rolled down from her eyes to her cheek. She immediately wiped them off before breaking hug.

“Shivansh , You get fresh an up. Till then I bring dinner for you.” She said as they break the hug. He nodded his head and went to washroom. Nandini also walked out from there. She stopped on the doorstep of kitchen and her heart stopped beating for a moment when her eyes looked at shirtless Manik.

Her eyes were seeing nothing except his hot muscular body. He was having 6 packs abs , a body like model. She was feeling like her breath start becoming heavy and her heart came into her throat. No man ever made her feel like this before. This wasn’t the first time that she was seeing a shirtless man in front of her eyes but this was the first when she felt like her body was burning after seeing Manik shirtless in front of her eyes. Even she never felt like this, seeing her husband’s body.

She just got lost, staring at him when he was pouring the water in the glass from bottle. The glass was kept on the kitchen slab. Manik felt like someone was staring him and he could feel her presence. He moved his eyes from the glass to the door but before he couldn’t see her because she hid herself behind the wall. He cursed himself for again thinking about her and drank the water in one go from the glass.

She stepped inside the kitchen after composing herself. Manik’s eyes looked at her immediately and found her already looking at him only. He gave her small smile, she smiled back. He walked outside, passing by her and she felt like her heart again skipped beating.

“Oh god What is happening to me ?” She asked from god, looking upward and her heart cried from inside.


Manik was lying on the bed on his one side, hugging his shirt tightly near to his heart because in that shirt , there was her fragrance. Hugging his that shirt, he was feeling like she was in his arms. This was giving him little peace. The girl was making him crazy. After the hug , deep inside he came to know that his feelings toward Nandini were more than just attraction. But he didn’t want to believe. Even he was not succeeding to stop his heart from falling in love with her more and more. He was going crazy. Two things were killing him , first the pain of never getting what he needed and second it was the guilt of attracting toward his best friend’s wife.


It was Manik’s thirteenth birthday. Manik was standing, holding the railing of terrace and staring the stars sadly. He was upset and hurt because his parents were so busy that they didn’t even wish on his birthday. He had never  wished for any gift from them, he just wanted them to at least wish him on his birthday.

“Manik.. I want to take you somewhere. C’mon Manik.” Shivansh said , patting his back from behind. Manik sadly nodded his head after turning toward him. Shivansh encircled his hand around his neck and they both walked out from terrace. Manik’s eyes twinkled when they reached in the hall. The hall was decorated with balloons and on the table, cake was kept. Shivansh arranged this for Manik with the help of few maids of the house. Shivansh couldn’t see Manik upset.

“Happy birthday my best friend.” Shivansh wished him and Manik hugged him tightly, saying thank you to him.

“Remember one thing that I am always there for you. You are not alone until I am with you.” Shivansh said when they broke the hug. Manik was just smiling happily. He was feeling blessed to have the friend like Shivansh in his life.

Flashback Over

He closed his eyes and flashes of old memories came in his mind. Remembering those memories, he felt more guilty and few drops of tear dropped down from his eyes.The friend who was there with him always when nobody else was there with him and the friend who always thought about him before himself. He helped him whenever he fell down. He supported him every time. He was thinking that how he could fall in love with his wife and how he could betray him.

“I am sorry Shivansh but this.. feeling is not in my control. Mujhe.. mujhe kuch smajh hi nhi aarha hai ki mere sath.. ho kya rha hai aur kyu ho rha hai. (I am not understanding that what is happening to me and why this is happening to me.)” Manik cried badly while saying the last sentence. The guilt was burning his heart and soul from inside.

“No.. I won’t let anyone come in between our friendship. Never..” he suddenly sat  up on bed and said angrily, staring the shirt which he was holding in his hand . His eyes were filled with pain, anger and guilt. Pain of constantly ignoring his heart and pain of not getting what he needed. He needed her in his arms. Anger and guilt of falling for Nandini who was his best friend’s wife.

He got down from the bed. From one hand he held the shirt and from other he took out lighter. He brought the shirt near to his nose and inhaled the fragrance of her from the shirt for the last time. Then he opened the lighter lid and then he touch the flame to shirt from down. The shirt began to burn. He dropped down the shirt, having tears in his eyes of agony. He cried, slumping on the floor because with this , he was burning his all the feelings toward Nandini forever. Burning of his feelings means he was burning all his happiness.

On the other side Nandini was lying in the blanket in the arms of Shivansh but her mind was thinking about another man. Shivansh had slept but the sleep  was far away from her eyes. Her eyes were staring the ceiling blankly. There was a storm inside her head. She was confused that what was happening to her and why it was happening to her. Why she was thinking about some other man after being in the arms of his husband? All these questions were making her crazy. She didn’t want to think about somebody else other than her husband who always loved her unconditionally. She was feeling like she was cheating her husband by thinking about somebody else.

On closing her eyes , she was seeing the shirtless him. That’s why she was getting scared to even close her eyes. She was completely baffled. She was having no clue that her heart always wanted Manik , her heart never loved Shivansh.

Next morning

Last night was difficult for Nandini and Manik both. Nandini wasn’t able to sleep properly whole night. She was waking up after every few minutes while breathing heavily. One side she was confused about what was happening to her that why she was thinking about Manik and other side her heart was getting restless because it was craving to come in his arms which were like home to her where she felt secure and comfortable. She felt like his arms were always belonged to her. Her heart wanted to be in his arms again but her mind was making her think that why she was thinking about other person instead of her husband.

Manik cried whole night, lying on the floor, cuddling himself into the small ball but the pain of guilt and the pain of burning of his own feelings was not going away. He wanted someone to hold him tightly  and say that everything will be fine Manik and there is nothing wrong to fall in love. He wanted to make everything fine. He wanted to be the old Manik again who was stressed free, who was happy in his life without any tension.


“Good morning Shivansh.” Manik walked to dining table where Nandini and Shivansh were already taking their breakfast. Shivansh was happy to see him after so many days in the morning. He wished him back happily.

“Good morning Nandini.” Manik wished Nandini too , sitting on the chair beside Shivansh. Nandini who was lost in her thought  instantly looked at Manik when he wished her good morning. Her heart stopped beating when her eyes saw him. 

“So good to see you at the breakfast table after such a long time.” She calmed down herself, taking a deep breath then spoke. Manik gave her smile. Her mind and heart both stopped working, seeing his smile. For the first time she noticed his smile and it made her heart go crazy. She found his smile perfect and attractive.

Manik and Shivansh were busy talking to each other and she was busy admiring his perfect face for the first time. She saw his black eyes which were filled with lots of emotions, she admired his perfectly shaped nose and his lips and his perfect jawline. His face was perfect from everywhere.

Nandini came on the earth back when Shivansh and Manik laughed together loudly on something which she didn’t even know because that time she was completely busy in admiring Manik’s perfect face. She looked down immediately and scolded herself after realising that what she was doing openly few seconds ago. She was admiring her husband’s best friend face shamelessly when her husband was also sitting beside her.

“Shivansh.. I am bringing more sandwiches from the kitchen.” Suddenly Nandini said , getting up from chair. Shivansh nodded his head, looking at her and Manik was busy eating the butter toast. She immediately left from there without looking at Manik. His presence started affecting her. She was feeling like she was losing control on her own mind and heart when he was sitting near to her. That’s why she came to kitchen , giving excuse.

“What is happening to me ? Why he is affecting me like this ? What is happening to me ? Oh god this is so wrong.” She walked inside the kitchen, murmuring this. Luckily there was no maid in the kitchen. She was breathing heavily. Her mind was blasting , thinking that what was happening to her and why. She only knew one thing that what was happening to her , it was completely wrong. The feeling of guilt started building in her. She was waiting to fall in love with his husband one day but she never thought that one day her heart would start liking someone else. She wanted to fall in love but she wanted to feel all this for her husband, not for his best friend. Deep inside she knew that she had started falling in love with him but she was scared to accept it.


After composing herself, Nandini came back to dining table, holding the plate of sandwiches in her hand. Manik’s eyes fell on her. He looked at her from her toes to her head. She was looking stunning to him in simple black top with rugged jeans also. Their eyes looked at each other for few seconds when she was serving him sandwich, standing beside him. He passed her a smile and on which she smiled back. Then she again settled down beside Shivansh and served him too. They both also passed a smile to each other. Shivansh raised his eyebrows because she was looking lost to him. She nodded her head in response, giving him small smile.


Shivansh and Manik waiting for Nandini to come because Nandini had went to bring blazer of Shivansh from their room. She came back with his blazer, putting it on her arm. She got successful in controlling her mind from not looking at Manik this time. She helped Shivansh in wearing the blazer. Manik was looking at them and this time he was normal.

“See you soon , Mrs. Oberoi.” He kissed Nandini’s forehead, holding her face. Manik’s heart cried, seeing this but he was seeing them like nothing happened. Nandini’s heart also cried because after having so caring and loving husband, her mind was thinking about the person whom she met few weeks back. Then Shivansh and Manik left the house together and Nandini went to her room.


“Shivansh I am really sorry. From few days I was so busy that I didn’t even get time to talk with you. But I promise you , this won’t be happened again.” Manik apologised when Shivansh was about to sit inside his car. Shivansh gave him smile , turning toward him. Manik was looking at him, having pain in his eyes.

“Manik I was really worried for you because you had never ignored me like this before. Manik I just wanna say that.. that for me your happiness matters a lot and you know that. You will always remain my first priority. You are not my best friend, you are my brother. If something is bothering you.. , you can share with me. I will never judge you. We will find a solution like always. But please never ignore me like this again. You can make the whole world fool but not me. You are pretending that you are happy but your face is telling to me clearly that something is there. Whatever it is , I don’t care. I just only care about your happiness. Always be happy Manik.” Shivansh sat down in the car , saying this. Manik just passed him small smile because he had nothing to say at that moment. Just his words made him more strong to fight with his feelings for his best friend.

Shivansh left and then Manik reached toward his car and after checking his all pockets, he realised that he forgot his car’s key in his room only. He went inside the mansion after shaking his head. He reached to his room , passing by Nandini’s room. It was difficult but he got successful. He picked the key from the table and walked out. He walked few steps and this time he couldn’t able to stop his mind from peeking inside her room.

She was standing on stool, trying to hang the painting on the wall but her hands were not reaching. She stood on her toes and stretched her arms up in the air and then.. she lost her balance. The painting fell down from her hands and before she could fall down , two protective arms saved her from falling down. She fell in the arms of Manik.

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